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What Behaviour/Reward System do you use?

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gigglewiggle Fri 19-May-06 10:31:25

I am back at the stage where ds needs to be encouraged to behave again (he is 5).

I havent used behaviour charts for ages so have just printed some from, they are weekly so i can monitor him and reward as necessary.

Thing is what do i reward him with? i dont want to reward him with sweets as he isnt too keen on them so its not much of an incentive..currently im just taking certain toys/tv/pc and other priviledges away when bad and giving back when good.

What does everyone else do??

MummyYummy Fri 02-Jun-06 22:41:40

We have 5 lego bricks to look after each day, at the moment it is for saying the wee or poo word. If we have all 5 bricks left we have an extra story at bed time, 1-4 bricks the usual amount, and zero bricks no stories. Another friend has tried this and worked towards a special outing.

EmmyLou Fri 02-Jun-06 22:44:55

Sticker chart with fortnightly reward (cinema with friend) worked for dd2 and table manners/using knife and frok properly. She had regressed and needed a kick up the backside in a positive way and its worked well!

janemw Fri 02-Jun-06 23:12:38

Just started a pasta jar with my dd (4yrs). When she does something worth rewarding give appropriate number of pieces of pasta then at end of week count number of pieces and she gets 1p for each piece, or however much you can afford. This does seem to be working.

nooka Fri 02-Jun-06 23:28:56

Just started pocket money for my two (5 and 7). ds gets his if he manages a week at school with no more than two dotted ticks on his "Anekin is helping me to be good" chart. He has never got it yet, although he drools daily over the playmobil catalogue. Star charts appeal to him more in theory than practice! Although I do wonder about using Anekin to encourage good behaviour!

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