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2.8 yr old will only eat same 3 things - HELP

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macnab Fri 03-May-13 13:11:43

I'm at my wits end with my DD, who is 2yrs 8mths old. She was a great eater I even did baby led weaning so she had been eating all sorts. I'm not sure exactly how it happened, a combination of very bad bouts of teething (she'd always get a few teeth at a time) and a couple of bouts of illness but we're at a stage now where she will only eat the following:

Shreddies (with warm milk)
Bread & Butter (brown bread will create a fuss but she will eat it)
Any type of fruit (loves bananas, apples, pears, pineapple, kiwi etc)

She'll also eat those Ellas Kitchen pouches of pureed veg but won't eat any of the actual veg - not only are they pureed so not necessary but they're also expensive and I can't afford to buy a weekly supply all the time shock

So as of last weekend, I decided that we'd just offer her normal meals and if she doesn't eat she will just go without, but we won't make any comment or fuss either way. She won't try anything. She just cries for shreddies (or any of the other 3 things she'll eat). If I give her something small that she does like, she'll just eat that and leave the rest. She'll crying before going to bed that she's hungry, but when offered the meal she says no and so goes to bed, hungry sad

It's been a nightmare and I'm wondering am I doing the right thing at all. I'm literally in two minds. On the one hand I think what harm that she eats just those things, at least she eats them and she'll surely grow out of it? On the other hand I think this is going on too long now to be called a phase and for her sake I really need to break the habit.

Has anyone actually been through this and can advise? Do I stick with it or just let her eat what she will and make her own mind up when she's a bit older? We've also got a 5 yr old son who, while not a very adventurous eater, has a reasonable diet so she sees him eating and there's no issue.

Please help, would welcome any advice.

macnab Fri 03-May-13 13:12:59

Sorry I just remembered that she also loves pancakes, so I make these twice a week just to get egg into her and also for something different. She has them with apricot jam spread on - won't eat them with anything else.

pregnantpause Fri 03-May-13 13:25:13

my 2.5yr old eats only fruit. and milk. she's had a few illnesses where she lost her appetite, and now although she is well, she just doesn't eat.
I don't have the answer and its a constant source of anxiety for me. I give her the same meals as all of us, which she leaves, and let her have fruit and milk. I probably should stop giving her what she wants, but I've tried it and she will go without. for days. she will be horrible for those days. She has to eat something, she doesn't eat loads of fruit, half a banana and a plum. that's all she has eaten today. she has been offered porridge, and spaghetti, bread and butter, a panvake, banana bread and a waffle. sad

Goldmandra Fri 03-May-13 13:31:32

Offer a variety of food which includes plenty of what she likes and allow her to choose from it.

If you're concerned that she's missing out on a food group ask your GP to refer her to a dietician and keep a food diary.

Don't got into battles or give her attention for anything related to food. Just make it available and leave her to it.

doughnut44 Fri 03-May-13 15:37:56

don't worry too much. When my son was that age he lived off cereal fruit tinned tomato soup and milk. He is five now and eats most things whereas I know children who ate everything at your child's age but are fussy now. As long as your little one is happy and healthy I wouldn't worry.
When my nephew was younger he lived off carrot cucumber and pasta - he is a strapping 24 year old now who eats anything and everything x
sometimes children feed off your anxiety so try and take a step back and don't worry too much x

Pascha Fri 03-May-13 15:43:10

DS1 is the same age and basically lives off pasta, potatoes and rice with the odd carrot thrown in. I resorted to shredding broccolli yesterday to mix into the pasta with some shredded chicken and pesto and he grudgingly ate about a quarter of it.

I'm just going with the flow and ignoring it, giving bread and butter before bed with milk if he really hasn't eaten anything at all. It does make me sigh to see all the food being thrown away though.

nailslikeknives Fri 03-May-13 21:11:10

My mum gave me a great piece of advice. It won't solve the problem but it might make you feel better! She says to 'do as the French do' ie
You decide what the child eats, they decide how much.

So if they won't eat any of the lovely nutritious food you provided, it's not your fault, the kid made a choice! On the other hand, I'd still provide stuff they'd definitely eat once a day just to make life easier!

BTW, have you seen the reusable pouches sold by jojomamanbebe? I spotted them today and thought they looked a bit of a fiddle, but if the pouch is the key, you can now make your own!

BabiesAreLikeBuses Fri 03-May-13 22:22:55

My son only ate about 4 things at 2 following bad bug... Coming to the table was a big flashpoint in the end... I stopped stressing, backed off, withdrew the cream cheese sandwiches he depended on and gave him what the rest of us were having and ignored him. Had a couple of nights of tears through starvation, he gradually changed his mind and at 5 eats anything and everything. Good luck!

AnnaClaudia Sun 05-May-13 13:25:27

My son was a brillliant eater until he was about 2. Not sure what changed but he would then only eat dry cereal, bread and butter and liver sausage! He is 18 now and still a fussy eater, he will only eat fish or chicken (only in crispy batter or breadcrumbs) - and pizza (which has been a recent change). He also likes Shreddies with cold milk now, so they don't go soggy, also cheese triangles with breadsticks.

The doctor implied when he was young that he just preferred sweet things, but not so - he reacted with as much horror to some puddings as any other foods. Despite all this he is a normal healthy lad (a bit slim but more healthy than being overweight). My advice is dont get stressed as he will pick up on it, give the foods he likes freely but also have other foods around that he can try if he fancies a change. Good luck!

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