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AmyYammaChildLover Thu 02-May-13 17:39:19

ds1 is 3yo and ds2 is 2yo. They are very close and do a lot together. But ds2 has got to an age where he wants to copy exactly what ds1 does. Now, ds1 is not the best behaved boy in the world, and picks up a lot of naughty stuff up there. ds2 of course copies everything and when i ask him where he learn these things from he says from ds1, every time. This is now his number one excuse. Is there anything I can do to stop ds2 copying everything ds1 does? I know it's a part of childhood but is there anything I can do? I have no control over what ds1 does at nursery.

(New to mumsnet but thought this might fit this category because imitation is behavior?)

AmyYammaChildLover Thu 02-May-13 17:39:59

ds1 picks a lot of naughty stuff up from nursery, sorry.

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