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Please help struggling with feeds for a 4 month old baby

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Summerlover Wed 01-May-13 14:24:52

My LO wasn't taking feeds at all couple if days ago he could go without feed 9-10 hours and after lots of struggle used to take formula 10-20mls even though he used to root but won't take breast of bottle. Now even though he is hungry I have to rock him to sleep which you can imagine how difficult it must be because he is screaming that he is hungry and when he is sleeping give the bottle which he takes between 30-60 mls. That means after every couple of hours or an hour he needs milk which he can't drink then rock him and try to feed him. Bless him, I am so scared for him. With this I can't offer hjm breast at all because I atleast want to get done milk in him before he completely awake. Has anyone faced anything similar? I had posted this on MN under feeds And Mums in there have been trying to help me but I wanted to see if someone else has faced anything similar?

KatAndKit Wed 01-May-13 16:46:03

I think if he won't drink a reasonable amount of milk then you need to see a doctor today to rule out anything serious before he suffers from dehydration. Keep offering. It might be that he is feeling unwell or teething or whatever and just wants little and often rather than bigger feeds spread out and this might pass. But if he is not drinking a decent amount in total I would get him checked out to see what is wrong.

spekulatius Wed 01-May-13 18:05:26

I would also post in the breast and bottle feeding section.

Summerlover Wed 01-May-13 18:22:47

Hi ladies

Already posted in there. Just wanted to see if anyone has been through the same situation and if so what did you do. I have been to docs useless if I am being honest. I went to GP as we yesterday who didn't even bother looking at my little guy. Thank you for your response though.

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