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Blackcurrant juice and bed wetting ........

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sandyballs Thu 18-May-06 10:58:40

... is there a link or am I just imagining that I read that on here a while back? DD (5) got into our bed in the early hours and wet our bed, and the previous night (our bed again ). She hasn't wet the bed for about a year now and the only difference during the last couple of days is the fact that she has had blackcurrant juice.

SoupDragon Thu 18-May-06 11:01:30

Apparently it irritates the bladder.

tallmummy Thu 18-May-06 11:03:24

I was told this so does milk. We had probs with ds2 bedwetting and sleepwalking. He now drinks only water after 4:00pm and it's worked. He sleeps really well.

singersgirl Thu 18-May-06 21:33:24

I was told re DS1 no milk, blackcurrant juice or fizzy drinks, even sparkling water, as they can all irritate the bladder.

The only time DS1 has wet in the last 3 months is after eating bright pink ice cream, and then he wet twice!

LIZS Thu 18-May-06 21:36:03

Apple juice after 5pm is a big no-no in our house, especially fizzy. Water is fine though.

EmmyLou Thu 18-May-06 21:58:12

My HV told me that blackcurrant juice irritates the bladder too.

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