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BFing at night... Tell me it's ok to stop

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GailTheGoldfish Mon 29-Apr-13 20:02:33

I think I just need a good talking to. DD, 40 weeks, still BF and also demolishing three good meals a day. It's been a while since I had her weighed but she was on the 91st centile around Christmas time and is now wearing 12 - 18 month clothes. So it's ok to stop BFing her at night isn't it? She wakes between 1 and 3 ( or 4 on a really bad night) times a night, she will root for milk but I think it's habit. How do you know it's ok to not feed them at night? I am planning to gradually phase out BF around her first birthday and I think I need to tackle nights first. I'm reading No Cry Sleep Solution and other bits to get a plan together but any info or advice appreciated.

GailTheGoldfish Thu 02-May-13 21:29:37

Makes sense fififrog, I was considering doing similar - no feed from bedtime until 12 for example and then gradually pushing it back to 1am, 2am etc. However it has just taken me two hours to get her into bed because she is so damn twitchy (she was up on all fours today a few times) so I think tonight I will be doing anything it takes to keep her asleep.....

Misty9 Thu 02-May-13 21:48:12

I'll admit I went for the least effort approach smile and ds stopped night feeds of his own accord at around 13mo. As pp have said, his night wakings didn't stop until 15mo and by god it was so much harder to get him back to sleep when not bf! I vividly remember looking at the night traffic out our bedroom window (the only thing which stopped him crying) at 2am during a particularly bad phase grin

But, ds was only waking 1-2 times per night after 10 months or so. You said your dd is 40wks? So...9mo ish? Personally I believed that ds was still waking for hunger until his first birthday, and even if it was comfort then that was still a need and I was happy to meet it.

Do what works for you and her, and don't listen to other parents they lie

GailTheGoldfish Fri 03-May-13 20:08:25

Yes, I have no other ideas about how to get her back to sleep. The nearly crawling means that she is so active at night right now, at about 3am today I tried to put her back in her cot and she turned herself round 180 degrees by walking her feet along the bars and kept turning onto her side and poking me through the bars.... Nothing settled her other than a feed. But I have to say I really thought she was feeding rather than just comforting, maybe I need to just carry on for now until she is over this particular phase and then reassess. Thank you all so much, I love this topic as the stuff that gets shared is so interesting. Sweet dreams everyone!

fififrog Fri 03-May-13 20:58:28

Yeah, definitely just do what works to maximise sleep! These phases seem like they will never end but they're actually usually pretty short. I used to agonise over what to do to get DD back to sleep that didn't involve sitting with her for hours. By about 18 months prolonged and/or upset waking was very rare and I just brought her into bed if it happened. Then, I don't know when it happened but now I give her a kiss and she says night night! Amazing!

GailTheGoldfish Fri 03-May-13 21:16:17

What gives me hope that it isn't a massive ishoo is that she will go to sleep without boob in the car/pram or when she is with DH or my DM who looks after her three days a week while I WAH, so it isn't like this is the only way she will sleep ever. We shall see!

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