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2y/o constant night waking

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bugsnfonzmama Sun 28-Apr-13 06:15:02

Just hoping someone can give me some advice as i feel i have tried everything and its really starting to wear thin now!

My son is 2 next month. He has always gone down to sleep very easily. He has his blanket and his dummy and when you put him down for his nap or to bed you hardly hear a peep out of him. However he wakes in the night constantly. We give him a non spill beaker of milk when he first wakes up (usually midnight but can range from 10-5) which he will drink and then put his dummy (which we place in his hand whilst he is drinking) back in and go back to sleep. But he is still waking after this lately and he screams and yells, you haven't heard anything like it, he is SO loud (he has been compared to an air raid siren) and he will not give in. We have tried to ignore him but he is so loud it is impossible. We have a 5 year old daughter who is an excellent sleeper and luckily sleeps through his night time tirade and has been a good sleeper since 1y/o. We have another daughter due in July and I am starting to really worry that I am going to get no sleep with him still waking and a newborn to deal with.

Any help would be REALLY appreciated! thanks

CreatureRetorts Sun 28-Apr-13 06:47:49

Perhaps give him water instead. Is it teeth? Dies he get enough day sleep? Watch tv?

Rosa Sun 28-Apr-13 07:33:12

Does he seem cross when he wakes? Is there any way to get him to settle, cuddles, shussshhh etc . My dd was pure hell she wanted me then dh then nobody , she was cross almost with anything as she was awake. A bit older we took her for a wee and if we caught her before she awoke properly then she settled back again. I would try to avoid the milk as it could be its becoming a habbit - when we were toilet trianing we lifted dd at round 10 pm ...wish we haddn't as she is only now breaking this ...
At times I got into bed with her and talked consistently quietly ( total rubbish at times well FGS it was 2/3/4/5 am . Took her into bed with me but nit every night or would never have got her out. It eventually eased, she is now 4 and has the odd night tantrum as I call them but they are easier to deal with. Wishing you all the luck in the world....

Timeforabiscuit Sun 28-Apr-13 09:18:31

Had a phase like this - and it's blardy horrible- are they old enough to understand bribery ? Dd got to pick her breakfast if she stayed in bed all night.

Otherwise it was a slog until she grew out of it to some extent.

Would a night light help? A new comforter? Switching their bedroom around if there are any strange shadows on the walls?

bugsnfonzmama Tue 30-Apr-13 01:38:29

thanks for the advice - I am going to go cold turkey on the milk and offer water from next week (have a uni assignment due this week and need my sleep!) I dont think it will be pretty but you're right it has definitely become a habit! I also think he is having too long a nap in the day (up to 3 hours) so will cut this back by half and see if it helps. He doesn't have the best vocab - only says a handful of words so cant really bribe him with breakfast or anything unfortunately! Hes still in a cot so can't get in with him haha and he doesnt settle from me talking nonsense - hes v headstrong (thats the polite way to say it!) and hes never been in our bed so wont settle at all if we try that, just goes off wandering down the hall and screaming if we try and make him stay! Hes got a night light which i put on for 30mins (timer) everytime I go in but I may leave it on full time and see if that helps. I don't suppose moving him to a big boy bed would help at present would it?


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