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Low volume wee'er - should I be concerned??

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kiwidreamer Sat 27-Apr-13 21:53:59

DD is very nearly 2 and has always had pretty light nappies, not a huge drinker but has constant access to water, wont drink plain milk but will have an Actimel every other day or so, eats a decent amount of fruit and veg and can communicate clearly when she wants a drink 'my want thirsty now' grin.

She wasn't a huge milk monster when she was breastfeeding, so much so that in her first weeks I had to set an alarm to get her up to feed in the night, dropped feeds quickly and easily, just never really that bothered unlike her brother.

She has just started to use the potty for the occasional wee and honestly I knew she wasnt outputting much based on her nappies but its barely a quarter of cup (not actually measured but its puddle that barely fills the bottom of the potty!!!). I put her in a clean nappy at about 2.30pm today she slept til 4.30pm had dinner with access to sippy cup of water, played afterwards and there was a drink bottle close by, at 7pm her nappy had maybe one small wee in it and she sat on the potty and did the quarter cup wee! She is well and healthy, grown loads in past three months, seems fine in every 'normal' way but should I be more concerned and bring this up with the Doctor?? Any experiences of similar would be appreciated.

mummy2benji Sat 27-Apr-13 23:30:11

My ds1 didn't drink much or wet a lot either at that age. He started drinking more as he got older and had more stamina to run about all day. He is now 4 1/2 and drinks quite a lot of water. I don't think you need to worry if she is healthy and does drink, albeit smaller volumes than her brother. (I'm a GP as well as mum of 2). My only issue is that if she doesn't drink milk, she needs to be getting plenty of calcium from other sources - lots of yoghurts, cheese, ice cream, custard etc. Ds1 is under the dietician and his daily calcium requirement is met by 150mls milk, a large yoghurt, and some ice cream or custard every day - they do need quite a lot. Yoghurts are the easiest way to get it into them.

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