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Preschool and toilet training

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welshhouse Fri 26-Apr-13 05:36:02

I'm so worried that my dd won't be able to go to preschool in September because she isn't toilet trained. She has just turned 3 but completely refuses to sit on the potty or toilet. She is showing some signs being ready but the few times I have tried to potty train her she hasn't managed to even sit on the potty for longer than 5 seconds. I now feel under a lot of pressure to get her trained before September. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks

exoticfruits Fri 26-Apr-13 07:13:52

You have got the whole of the summer and it is much easier in the nice weather. Relax - 4 months is a long time when you are only 36 months old- she will probably be thrilled to be out of nappies on a boiling hot day (if we get any!)

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