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20mth old speech development...

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MadRambler Thu 25-Apr-13 19:52:39

My DD is 20 months old today. We had a playdate yesterday with a little girl exactly the same age, who we hadn't seen since before Christmas.

I'd wondered before if my little girl wasn't saying very much, but I have no family or friends here with children the same age (except this one little girl) and have no other DCs, so I have no comparison.

My DD is very lively, bright, cottons on to things quickly and talks all the time, except that she's not yet saying actual words! I know she doesn't have a hearing problem, as she can hear a packet of biscuits being opened from 300 yards away!

Her words are: bye, no, oh boy, uh oh, all gone, daddy, mow (trying to say the cat's name) & on a couple of occasions we've had a yes or fifi (flowertot). I think that's about it. The little girl yesterday used words a lot more - up, here, bad, eat, take it etc etc and it really stood out for me how little my DD actually says.

Could you tell me anything you remember about how and when your LOs started to speak? If I'm expecting too much, fine, but it'll put my mind at rest (hopefully!). Thanks.

MadRambler Thu 02-May-13 09:57:48

Thanks everyone, I'm still keeping an eye on this thread.

Hope all goes well for those who are a bit concerned about their DC...

rrreow Thu 02-May-13 14:35:08

DS had one word at 20mo (the cat's name). At 22 months it was like language all of a sudden 'clicked' for him. He's got about 30-40 words now (he's 2 next week).

With the words your DD is already saying I'd say she's definitely on track. I know how difficult it is when you meet someone with a very verbal child as you can't help but compare.

cakesonatrain Thu 02-May-13 17:22:47

DS has suddenly got loads more words, at 21 months. Yesterday and today we have added fork, spoon, door, keys and watch. I think once they get it, it does just click. I think he has doubled his vocabulary in the last couple of weeks.

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