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8mo Dd not wanting to sit any more

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Stinkyminkymoo Thu 25-Apr-13 08:47:05

My dd started sitting at about 6 months, no probs there. Then a week or so ago she started 'planking' and would push herself back from sitting and fall back banging her head on the floor. Now obviously I put a pillow behind her but she shows no interest in doing much else than lying in her back.

She likes to stand if I'm holding her hands but will only roll from front to back and has only ever rolled twice the other way.

Other than her lack of interest in moving she's a happy baby who sleeps well, eats well and is a cheery, chatty little soul.

Any advice on helping her develop her mobility and stopping her from 'planking'? I've thought about removing the pillow so she lands on the carpeted floor but that's just so mean and I can't bring myself to do it though I wonder if she would learn that 'planking' is painful...

Any thoughts appreciated smile

amazingmumof6 Thu 25-Apr-13 09:23:35

ooh, silly baby - you mean like throwing herself backwards from sitting?

all of mine did this and I saw other kids do it too - it is very normal for this age! I think they are doing "baby sit-ups" to exercise their core muscles in preparation to stand and walk alone.

I think you should let her 'plank', pillows, cushions, carpet, duvet or blanket underneath are all good to soften the impact.

but don't let her bang her head, she's too young to make that connection between action (planking) and reaction (pain) and she won't stop if it hurts!!!!

hold her hands and as she throws herself backwards follow her movement, then allow her to pull herself back again into sitting position.
if she can't do that, then sit her back by holding under the arms/armpits, don't pull her up, you could dislocate her shoulders or elbows!

I also used a "donut", it is an inflatable ring covered with fabric, a giant version of a swimming pool ring really.
if you put DD in it she can plank all she likes she won't fall out. unless if she learns to stretch her legs at the same time..

you could also get her a baby walker, babies love getting around in it kind of walking & pushing themselves around!
set the height so her whole foot touches the floor, not just the toes. that way she can "stand up" slightly - half suspended, half sitting.

my theory on rolling is that they don't do it cause they don't need to! when you are on your back you can see everything, so why make an effort?
put her on her tummy for play time and that will help her strengthen her arts, neck and back muscles as she is trying to look around or push her body upwards.

if you are also on your tummy facing her, you could entice her with a toy, she will probably reach for it and try to crawl to get it. reward the efforts by letting her have the toy, then start again.

worry not, she is ok!smile

DeWe Thu 25-Apr-13 09:27:39

She has probably discovered that she likes it.
I wouldn't remove the pillow, make sure she has toys in easy access when she's sitting, might discorage her. When you're going to sit her down, set one of the toys (noisy ideally) to interest her.

My dd1 didn't roll until she could crawl, which was at 9 months. Then, I think she suddenly saw a use for rolling so did it.

Dd2 rolled at 2 months (missing a hand so very easy over that side) and crawled before 6 months. But she was nearly a year before she reliably sat up, because every time I sat her us she threw herself onto her front to crawl away.

Stinkyminkymoo Thu 25-Apr-13 09:31:39

Yes! She literally throws herself backwards! It's painful to watch, she seems to do it either when she's done a poo or she's having a tantrum, she did it in the bath yesterday and I managed to catch her but she would have really hurt herself hmm

If I put her on her tummy, she pretty much instantly rolls onto her back. I've tried putting a pillow block to keep her in her front which results into a tantrum.

Gosh it's all so hard isn't it?!

Ladyhawke127 Thu 25-Apr-13 10:19:15

This sounds just like my little boy! He will sit for hours, then all of a sudden chuck himself backwards! He didn't roll from back to front til about 8 months either. He doesn't crawl yet, but whizzes about on his stomach sliding backwards on his stomach skiing on the wooden floor, or by rolling everywhere! I think that the chucking backwards is just a phase. It scares the hell out of me though!

Stinkyminkymoo Thu 25-Apr-13 11:22:03

It's heart stopping isn't it! She doesn't really move much at all bar bouncing on her bum to sort if shuffle forwards.

Should I hope that it's just a phase? I worry she's going to whack her head hmm

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