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My 4 yo hates school

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ArabellaBeaumaris Thu 25-Apr-13 08:11:00

She has consistently had negative things to say about school since September but has stepped it up in the last few weeks. Crying, adamant she doesn't want to go. Nothin has happened to explain the change - no specific incident I mean. She says the day is too long & she want to stay at home to play.

She is actually quite happy at school (I am told), sociali, enthusiastic. She is bright & engaged with writing & number work, reluctant to read - she is on Ort 2 - but they only read one day a week so I don't think it is that.

Not sure what I am hoping for in posting - just really sad for her & worried she is being put off school. Am half thinking of taking her home at lunch or something.

unlucky83 Thu 25-Apr-13 08:36:12

Sounds like you have spoken to the school...if not I would ...

Is anything else going on your life she trying to get your attention?
(thinking younger siblings, pregnancy, death, moving, new partner etc)

My eldest DD went though a stage like this (a bit older than yours) ...but for no obvious reasons - we were late every day, had tears, etc - I asked for an appointment to see HT and she was fantastic - saw DD & I straight away - asked DD - what she liked best about school? (school lunch and playtime!) - you know you have to come to school - so think about those things when you don't want to... (I'm not doing the conversation justice ...she really was great)
Then I would say to DD in the morning the odd thing like - oh its nice and sunny bet you get to play on the field today or what is it for lunch today? - and if that didn't work - say just think about playtime/lunch time -you don't want to miss those do you?
(Another mother I know had a similar problem - literally got to stage where she was had to drag a screaming 7 yo into the school - school helped as much as they could - but I suspect it was to do with stuff happening outside school....only lasted a few months but the poor mum!sad)

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