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All the toys but still at my ankles?

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Littleraysofsunshine Mon 22-Apr-13 14:28:50

Some mornings (I find the ones when we don't have much planned( 2 days a week) ) my daughter gets a bit bored/restless at home. Even though she has my attention and her baby sister and all the toys in the world. Her behaviours changes compared to being out and about. Tiredness dies not help but most days she will not give in fit a nap

littleraysofsunshine Mon 29-Apr-13 10:56:55

I find that Mondays and Tuesdays when we have nothing planned they seem So I satisfied with being at home. I play with them, bake. They have so many lovely toys but seem frustrated like tyre expecting to go somewhere. These days are my days to try and get a few things done and some work done as I work from home.

cheeseycharlie Mon 29-Apr-13 15:39:32

my kids go nuts if I don't take them out in the morning. 20mo DS literally goes to the front door with shoes in his hand at 8am and cries until we go out somewhere! And 4yo DD sounds similar to yours, just becomes a little madam and difficult to entertain. So I just go with it and get them out every day. Even a trip to the supermarket can do the trick, if we don’t have a proper children’s activity planned. Save jobs around the house for the afternoons instead. If I tire them out in the morning they’ll usually give me some peace after lunch. Hope that helps.

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