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My 8 month old baby does not stop moving - does yours?

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Samie10 Mon 22-Apr-13 11:17:41

My 8month DD does not stop moving, climbing, exploring, she does not stay still. She naps twice a day but not for long, certainly not since she learnt to pull herself up in her cot. I dont have any experience of babies other than mine, is this normal for an 8 month old? Her little friends (of a similar age) dont seem to do very much, their mums say its because they are boys and therefore lazy! What does your DC do?

LightAFire Mon 22-Apr-13 18:36:42

My DD was just the same! In fact I had to take her on a flight at that age and it was awful - she roared to be set free! She did calm down a bit as she got older but is still a right fidget smile

ShesAStar Mon 22-Apr-13 19:50:03

My DS was like this, he is nearly 5 now but still never stops for long! He never stopped from the moment he woke to the time his head hit the pillow - very hard work making sure he was safe - he would investigate everything and used the furniture as obstacles to climb. He never had any interest in toys at all - just climbing and exploring!

MERLYPUSS Mon 22-Apr-13 20:52:30

Same for DT2. the original duracel bunny. Full speed from the moment he wakes (normally just after 5am) til 7pm. DT1 is a 'normal' boy. As such, carries a bit more weight and sleeps more. DT2 looks a year younger than his brother and, even though I know he has a differernt body type to DT1, he looks skinny by comparrison as he is always burning the calories up. He has no interst in food unless he is starving and will only stop long enough at the table to refuel. Wont sit still long enough to watch a film and the only thing that captures his attention is lego.

Samie10 Tue 23-Apr-13 08:11:23

I am dreading flying in a few weeks, she wont sit still.....she is so happy and interested in everything, which is great but it is tiring! So this is it then for the coming years?!

MrsReacher85 Tue 23-Apr-13 08:15:25

My 8 month old DS is exactly the same, right down to the short naps! It's completely exhausting most days. We're also going on a 4 hour flight next month and he's not going to want to be held for a second. He's almost crawling and if he figures that out, it'll only get worse I think!

MrsHoarder Tue 23-Apr-13 08:24:02

Ds is the same except he loves his food do will sit at mealtimes. I'm bfing to sleep because its the only way to get him still for long enough to drop off.

Samie10 Tue 23-Apr-13 09:10:13

DD sits to eat which is great and loves her food. Yesterday she played, climbed, explored, crawled, walked(assisted obviously), jumperooed, dashed about in her baby walker, had two 30 min naps and went swimming. It was only after the swim, she fell asleep for the evening drinking her milk. She has worked out how to climb over the top of the sofa, we have baby-proofed as much as possible but she always seems to find something we havent. The cat is terrified! I feel exhausted typing this from work when I have come for some respite! I love her more than words can say but was worried that she may be a little hyper-active, however, having read the other posts I realise this is all perfectly normal! xx

MERLYPUSS Tue 23-Apr-13 09:10:39

Well, if it's anything like DT2, possibly. He would sleep half the time his brother did when he was a baby. The first to discover the back of the dvd player (by climbing through the front) but the last to walk as he was supersonic on all fours. Surprisingly though he is the more introvert of the two.
I just guess he gets quality sleep, so needs less, when he crashes at 7pm? He always fights sleep in the car on long journeys preferring to talk rubbish to us or bonk his head against the window or play with the blinds. He is SO differernt to me and DT1.

mamapants Tue 23-Apr-13 13:10:57

My 9 mth old has been like this since the age of 6mths.
He is on the move constantly, crawling, pulling up on furniture and climbing stairs there is no stopping him.
He is a danger to himself!
He won't even sit in the pram half the time. And I know once he's walking he will want to walk everywhere too.

melonribena Tue 23-Apr-13 13:59:45

My almost 9 mth old ds is just like this! He never stops, even for a second! Even when you move him from one thing to another he's on the look out for something else to do!

He never tells you he's tired, he never stops long enough, I just look at my watch!

All of the other babies of a similar age are quite sedate!

melonribena Tue 23-Apr-13 14:00:23

He enjoys his food but is definitely not fat! He's long, muscular and lean!!!

estya Tue 23-Apr-13 17:02:03

My DD was like this. Crawling before 7M, first steps as she turned 10m and walking confidently at 11M. She was never happy just sitting and playing or sitting in her buggy. Had to be a part of everything.
She's 2.5 now and still hasn't stopped. She is very bright and i think its because she's been into everything for so long now (plus my good genes obviously).

DS is 7MO, and just now sitting confidently and happy to sit and play with his toys. Its such a relief. I couldn't have coped with 2 like that.

Yes, flying is a nightmare. However many toys you bring you'll be through them before take off. We do lots of driving, setting off at 7pm, get to spain 8am type of thing.

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