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Advice please on my windy 9-week-old DS and night sleep

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catlitterinmyturnups Mon 22-Apr-13 06:29:14

DS is my second child, EBF and ultra windy. I remember from the first time around with my DD that sleep in the early hours was disturbed - she was fairly windy and grunty from 1/2am till we got up for the day at 6-ish. DS seems far worse, and gets more upset by it, and it's waking my DD which I could do without.

I am currently co-sleeping with him, with him on my chest as this seems to give him the most relief and peace, but it gives me backache and a headache and is peeing me off now he's getting bigger. He wakes hourly-ish in the small hours, shifting about, kicking his legs and squealing, does a big fart/poo, then goes back off restlessly until the next bout. This continues till we get up for the day when miraculously he's fine and all smiles. I am going to bed at 8 to make sure I get some solid sleep in (although he wakes to feed every 3 hours anyway) to give me some energy to look after him and my 3-year-old the next day.

I suppose I'm looking for reassurance that this will pass soon and some pearls of wisdom. If you had a windy baby when did you start to see an improvement? 12 weeks? Later?? I can't remember when my DD improved, plus she would always sleep through it, on her back, in her cot, so it bothered everyone less.

For what it's worth, it doesn't matter how I wind him. He had a 50% tongue tie released a couple of weeks ago and his latch is still not ace, so it could be that. Or might it be something I'm eating? Before the TT was diagnosed, I cut out dairy, caffeine, onions, garlic, citrus, but nothing made any obvious difference. I thought the TT release would cure everything but it seems not...

I just want to get him sleeping better, IN HIS OWN COT! He currently begins the night there between 7 and 8, but after his feed at 10/11 he comes in with me.

Any advice?!

ecofreckle Mon 22-Apr-13 07:05:04

We are having better nights with less discomfort and noise and jerking now we a) use infacol and b) sit her upright for 30 min after end of feed. This makes night feeds longer but the investment results in sleep after for both of us. My dd is only 4 weeks tho so I'm far from a pro. Good luck.

TheCountessOlenska Mon 22-Apr-13 08:02:12

My 6 week old DS is exactly the same (and also much worse than Dd was) - he has been sleeping on my chest from around 2am feed onwards! I have been using infacol but not noticed much difference, will try holding him upright for 30 mins as suggested - problem is i'm too lazy to sit up myself, feed lying down then fall back asleep grin So different from my pfb wink

stowsettler Mon 22-Apr-13 08:15:02

Madam is 8 weeks old now and a very windy baby. I second Infacol, which has been really effective for us. It has a cumulative effect, so it may take a while for you to see a difference (although DD improved immediately). Good luck.

BotBotticelli Mon 22-Apr-13 08:28:46

DS was like this, although bottle fed.

He definitely seemed to be a bit more settled in the night from around 12 weeks. He sorted out the earlier part of night first, gradually becoming more settled past midnight, then till 2 ish an then till 4. He is still quite unsettled from 5am onwards now at 19 weeks but it's much better than it was!

For me, it seemed like his being more settled at night coincided with him going longer stretches at night without a feed.

Hang in there!

catlitterinmyturnups Mon 22-Apr-13 08:28:46

Thanks, folks. I bought some Biogaia drops a few weeks back and was using them but didn't notice any real difference. Think they have a cumulative affect too though, so will try them again and be more consistent with them. Can't go on like this!

catlitterinmyturnups Mon 22-Apr-13 08:31:21

Thanks, Bot - your DS sounds like my DD. it did get better for her with time. DD was sleeping bigger chunks by now though - sometimes 7 or 8 hours straight from bedtime and DS is showing no sign of doing same. Didn't realise how easy I had it back then!

McPrice Mon 22-Apr-13 11:28:48

i feel your pain.sad my ds was windy his worst time was the mornings from 4 am he is a bf baby. he'd wake kicking his legs and seemed to be in much discomfort i tried infacol and massage. sitting him up for 30 mins. not much worked. about a month ago (now 3months) he stopped pooing regually. now every 4 days-ish and his wind has lessened. we give him gripe water now but not convinced it helps. he does get colic which is miserable soothed by a special hold dh puts him in. im trying to say it hasnt got better just changed in to something else shock
good luck with ur new bundle of joy tho, its horrid seeing them in pain

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