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6 year old attention seeking?

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samandsophsmam Sat 20-Apr-13 13:38:08

Hi was just wondering if anyone had any magic words for me..... My 6 year old, previously happy at school, two weeks before Easter holidays started needing to be forced in to school but once she even entered the doors the crying stopped and the teacher couldn't even recognise a problem. She is near top intelligence wise so is in no way struggling.
Her excuse is always she misses mummy. Is also blaming that she doesn't like this teacher or that teacher because they 'shout' ad only likes being taught by certain people.
Today she was supposed to be going to chessington with her grandparents, her two younger sisters , her aunt, uncle and two younger cousins. Very excited she waited for pick up then refused to go displaying very irrational hysterical behaviour........ How can I deal with this?? She needs to learn this isn't acceptable........anyone any ideas?

Buzzardbird Sat 20-Apr-13 17:38:15

Re school, are you sure that she is not being bullied or that the teacher doesn't dis-like her for some reason? Has she got close friends?
As for today, she is obviously very anxious about something and you need to sit her down and find out what.
If she is suffering from anxiety then she can't help herself display her emotions. I don't think she would have deliberately missed out on something she was looking forward to?
If you don't get a reasonably reply then I would take her to the GP and see what help is available to identify her anxiousness.
I am pretty sure she doesn't enjoy feeling the way she does sad

lljkk Sat 20-Apr-13 18:28:43

6yos are always attention seeking ime.

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