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Crying 16 month old- WILL IT EVER STOP???!

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TotalEclipseOfTheFart Fri 19-Apr-13 13:05:12

Arrrgh, just off loading really. DD is 16 months and has been grumpy since birth. No end of trips to doctors to find miracle 'cures', trips to cranial osteopath after reading about it on here, none of which have made an ounce of difference. DD whinges non bloody stop and it's exhausting. I feel like I actually don't like her very much. I never know what will tip her or make her cry so I am just walking on egg shells constantly. For the few minutes here and there that she is content, I can't really enjoy her as I am trying to spend time with DS (age4) before it all kicks off again.

She sleeps 12 hours a night, takes an hour- 2 hour long nap so I don't think it's tiredness but who knows??! She doesn't like the pushchair, as soon as it stops moving she's crying and moaning, she whinges in the high chair. Basically life has just become miserable and I feel awful for saying this but I am really wishing sometimes we didn't have her. I don't wish any harm on her and I'd never hurt her but her being here has just impacted so badly on the whole family dynamic.

I feel like I could cry. When will it get better?

Tournesol Fri 19-Apr-13 13:15:26

That sounds really hard. My friend's daughter was a bit like this, cried all the time and was very hard work. It turns out she was just really frustrated. Once she could walk and talk she became much easier and is now a delightful 5 year old.

Hang in there, as long as it is not a medical problem she will probably grow out of it soon (but in the meantime be kind to yourself and drink lots of brew and wine

randomcollection Fri 19-Apr-13 13:23:23


One of our twins is like this. He is now 26 months old, and it is getting better, but still whinges a lot... I have found that I can minimise it by making sure he isn't hungry or tired, and working quite hard to predict this. I also try to give him loads of praise when he is calm.

He got better when he learned how to crawl, then walk, then speak. I think he was frustrated at being a baby!

It is incredibly wearing, you really have my sympathies. I felt really unhappy at how unpleasant he seemed to make everything. Weirdly, things have improved recently because he was ill for about a week & I took the days off work while the other kids went to nursery, he seemed to appreciate being on his own with me.

It does improve. When they're older you can bribe them too blush

TotalEclipseOfTheFart Fri 19-Apr-13 13:34:02

Thank you. I know she won't always be a whingy baby but sometimes it's hard to get perspective! I just can not remember the last time I actually enjoyed her company blush . I just seem to be in such a fog all the time of predicting when she will cry and sometimes that makes it worse. She doesn't like being away from me or her daddy so any break from her is out of the question. She cries and fusses if people try and hold her even with us there.

She isn't walking yet and is under physio due to hypermobility so this is probably making things worse with regards to her frustration level.

She just seems to angry all the time. Sometimes she'll be 'happy' playing then all of a sudden throw the toy down and just start crying. If I don't distract her quickly she starts grabbing her fae and hitting herself. It's awful to see her so frustrated and angry over nothing!

Also she has started biting her big brother so that's another thing I am on edge for all the time. Every time he gives her cuddles I have to watch like a hawk incase she decides to bite him sad . He is very good with her but it's just horrible to see our eldest with bruises where his baby sister has bit him so badly. I just seem to be finding it all very stressful at the minute. I broke down in tears this morning at how miserable it all is. Everyone said she'd be better at 3 months, then 6 months, then 9 months... the goal posts keep moving and I am seeing no improvement!

elQuintoConyo Fri 19-Apr-13 14:08:43

It sounds like she is frustrated - my 16m DS has 2-3-4-hour-long sessions of this, albeit not everyday.
He hates the bath. He hates nappy-changing, especially somewhere publuc, holy cow the screams sad He hated the 'bucket' carseat but eas better when he got big enough for the 'chair' size, even that took a couple of months. He hated the pushchair, then he was ok, now he hates it again because he wants to walk. He can have screaming fits in his highchair especially if he's not keen on the food - but that can change daily.
He's still not a fan of being held by anyone and just struggles to get down.
He was an early crawler and walker (I know that's not what you want to hear hmm ) but it seemed that he got frustrated because he wasn't mobile until he crawled, then impatient it wasn't fast enough until he could walk. Now I think it's frustration that he can't talk (he has 5 words).
So, in our DS's case, I think it is frustration. But you also do find that some babies just don't like being babies!
Sounds like you are doing everything right, though thanks

TotalEclipseOfTheFart Fri 19-Apr-13 14:17:09

Thanks for the flowers elQuinto Sounds like you deserve some too! It's just so hard when I feel so on edge which I KNOW can not be helping the situation. I just feel like I don't really know her because all there is is just crying and whinging. It sounds horrid but it feels like there are no positives to her personality as yet. I know she's young and it will develop and inevitably she'll change as she gets walking and talking. I remember DS being very short tempered and flaring up with mini tantrums a lot at this age but I don't think he just whinged and cried for no reason. He certainly didn't seems as generally clingy and miserable but he was walking at this age though so maybe that helped. It's so hard to be around isn't it? I know what you mean about the foods changing on a daily basis. Somedays she loves being spoon fed, other days she just grabs the spoon and throws it. Sometimes she just meltsdown as soon as you put her in the high chair. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it and in a way that is what puts me more on edge. Nothing is predictable. What worked yesterday to make her smile, will make her angry today. confused

TotalEclipseOfTheFart Fri 19-Apr-13 18:27:38

Just bumping tor the evening crowds!

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