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14 month tantrums and hitting

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Trubalubs Wed 17-Apr-13 22:16:32


My son is gen a loving and sociable chap but has recently become a bit bullish with his other baby friends. He snatches toys and has started to hit them in the face or on the head. I take his hand, look him in the eyes and tell him it's wrong and that he needs to be gentle, but this can then lead to back arching and head banging tantrums. I want to lay the law, but think he's too young for a proper telling off. Any thoughts?

He's also started to wake really tantrumy from all naps and takes about 20 mins to calm down. He's physically quite strong, and sometimes all I can do is put him down on the rug and make sure he doesn't hurt himself.

Is it just a phase?! Wasn't expecting terrible twos yet!

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