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10mth old reacting to the word 'no'

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Sleepyfergus Wed 17-Apr-13 15:56:45

Dd2 is approaching 10mths. She's very mobile (crawling, starting to cruise round furniture) and naturally very curious. As most babies do, she's particularly attracted to things she shouldn't be like wires, plugs, fire guard etc. we do our best to distract her and make access to these sorts of things difficult, but in occasion we do have to say 'no'. She knows what it means iykwim! She gets that this us something she's not supposed to touch as we move her away, try to distract. The last couple if days when we do this she dissolves into hysteria, screamy cries, a mini tantrum so to speak. After a couple if minutes or do, she might stop, otherwise she comes over for a cuddle and comfort.

Is this a phase? I just don't remember dd1 being so 'stroppy' for want if a word at this age!

In case it's relevant, she has been ill last week for about 8 days, but better since Sunday/Monday. She's still quite tired which won't help I guess!

Spikeinhiscoat Wed 17-Apr-13 16:06:59

Um, if it's a phase, it's one my 16 month old hasn't grown out of yet. Yep, we get the red face, tears running down his cheeks, loud yells because we dared to say no/remove the small & chokeable object/remove him from somewhere he shouldn't be (on top of the table), etc. The thing is, I don't think there's necessarily a solution, because you can't just stop saying no.

I've also found that dc2 is a lot more, shall we say spirited, than dc1 was.

Sleepyfergus Wed 17-Apr-13 16:13:57

Agree, dd2 is very spirited compared to dd1. I fear she will be the screaming, tantrumy child in the supermarket that we all secretly thank god we don't have!

At present she's now having a meltdown because I stopped her pulling all the wipes out the pack.


MiaSparrow Wed 17-Apr-13 17:13:51

DD was exactly like this - infuriatingly curious and wanting to touch everything at that age - and she was an early walker too so we really had our work cut out. Touch wood, at 26 months it hasn't lead to her being a screamy tantrumy child in the supermarket (yet). She's just as spirited, but in a jolly, chatty way. There is hope!

elQuintoConyo Wed 17-Apr-13 20:57:33

My 16mo identical to spike
No goes in one ear and out the other! He tests us to our absolute limit and then pushes us some more..
We've taken to saying 'hot!' when he's reaching out for a cuppa, for example, and 'danger!' if he's banging the French windows while waving at the bus (a favourite passtime!) so he's not hearing just 'no no no' all the time. Still, he does have small (at the moment) meltdowns and stamps his little feet!

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