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Two year old won't let Mum&Dad talk

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Rosemarym Mon 15-May-06 10:02:24

I would really appreciate some advice here. Whenever my husband and I try and talk in the presence of our two and a half year old daughter, she yells stop itand or throws herself on the floor.
It is impossible to have a conversation.I understand she wants our attention but how do you deal with it? A spell in naughty corner?

suzywong Mon 15-May-06 10:05:23

well you could do the supernanny approach and tell her straight that it's not asseptibull or you could wait three months and she'll have grown out of it, best of luck to you

hulababy Mon 15-May-06 10:07:55

Ignore her when she does it. Have your conversation and only when you have finished respond to her. if necessary remove her from the room and then return back for your talk. If she does stop and be quiet for you, praise her lots for her big girl, good behaviour.

Angeliz Mon 15-May-06 10:08:07

Only thing we could do was lavish her with praise whern she waitied till we'd finished. It is infuriating though isn't it?
If she is that bad actually you could leave the room together and close the door of the room you go into. Explain why to her and evetually she may get the message.

AUBINA Mon 15-May-06 10:57:11

I think you should talk to her when she is in a happy mood. Explain that her behaviour is rude and not acceptable. Then tell her what the consequence will be if she does it. Don't stop your conversation to give her the consequence, that will give her the attention she wants. I suggest finish your conversation, totally ignoring her. Then say you are very sad that she interrupted you and now you won't be able to talk to her for two minutes, then turn your back and walk away. I usually busy myself with washing-up for example. Then just carry on as normal. Its so hard ignore them and remember what you were trying to say!

My kids would always talked to me when I'm on the phone and this method stopped them.

SomethingAboutMary Mon 15-May-06 10:59:48

I have exactly the same problem but our ds is now 3.9 years & myself & partner are not allowed to talk, when we do he has a atantrum or just keeps saying "mummy" or "daddy" constantly then whe you say "yes" he has nothing to say, not sure how to tackle it we are trying to now as it is getting very annoying.

futurity Mon 15-May-06 11:20:22

My 4 year old does this and it drives us up the wall despite trying to ignore him!

PeachyClair Mon 15-May-06 11:20:44

Our 2yrs 10 months son does this too, he evens gets upset if my attention is taken by a book... not very convenient in exam season! He is jealous of his 2 brothers if thy come near me, and even more so of his Father. We have a two pronged approach: loads of attention when it is appropriate (by DH too) and when it isn't, he is gently removed from my person (he's the climber type) and told no, it's not an acceptable time. It can be repetitive but it's got to be worth persevering with.

brimfull Mon 15-May-06 11:24:43

have you tried cellotape!

pucca Mon 15-May-06 11:25:17

Oh yes my dd does this too, she is 2.4 yo, and tells us to "be quiet" when we talk, drives me insane too.

buffythenappyslayer Mon 15-May-06 11:33:45

my 21 month old wont let me and dh talk or touch!if we talk she puts her hand over one of our mouths and says 'sshhhh' if we hold hands,she screams and will bite dh to get off me,then she cuddle my hand and kiss it saying 'naughty daddy,dont touch mine mummy!!'

Rosemarym Mon 15-May-06 22:27:57

Thanks for the advice and it's nice to know I'm not alone!

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