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milkyman Tue 16-Apr-13 13:53:25

My lovely 25 week old boy is so hyper all the time. He's gorgeous and giggly but just wondered if this was normal. He never likes to just sit still he always has to be wigglying. He always looks over his shoulder at something more interesting and is hard to hold with his struggling!! He rarely looks in my eye and has to be busy all the time.

I observe other babies and they just seem to sit still and stare lovingly into their mothers eyes! He doesn't sleep well and constantly moves. He loves his jumperoo and bouncy chair and just goes bonkers in them!! Everyone has remarked on this. Is he just an active, curious little boy or are these the first signs of something else?

I know I shouldn't worry but he's just so mad!! I love him loads though, he's very funny! and cute!

MiaSparrow Tue 16-Apr-13 17:17:47

DD was exactly the same. On the move constantly and even that didn't make her sleep. She only managed 10 hours at night as a baby. Now at two though she seems to be the same as all the others. (ie they're all hyper).

Don't worry, some of them are just like that. And you'll never, ever need to go to the gym. Silver linings... wink

Sunshine200 Wed 17-Apr-13 19:22:00

Dd was exactly like this. She is still much more hyper than her little friends (she is now 18 months). It is hard work but it's her and I love her for it. Your little boy is just excited by the world around him,

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