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Taking/ singing at night- help!!

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Berksmum Mon 15-May-06 07:22:18

Hello all,
I am a new poster on this board although I've been lurking for some time now. I'm wondering if anyone can help me with the latest weirdness from my DD (2YO this week).

For the last month or so she's been increasingly waking in the night but instead of (or after) crying a bit she starts chatting away to herself and singing FOR HOURS. I'm not talking about a gentle murmur but full-on excited shouting! I can only make out some of it, bits are stuff about what she's done in the day, mixed with nursery rhymes, and the rest is gibberish. She's awake but not distressed and doesn't seem to require our attention, but we can't sleep through it (I ended up on the sofa downstairs last night because she was at it between midnight and 3am!)

Has anyone has a similar experience/ got any advice? Unfortunately there are no other bedrooms out of earshot to move her to (and my sofa isn't very comfy!)

Thanks v much in anticipation!

schneebly Mon 15-May-06 07:56:43

earplugs? She sound sweet btw!

Berksmum Mon 15-May-06 08:20:10

Hi schneebly,
That's definitely an option- thanks. I use them at work (open plan office)so will bring a few home- they are good for general noise but not sure they wld cope with 'Old MacDonald' at 100 decibels- sigh....

And yes, it is kind of sweet, but I seem to misplace my maternal feelings after a few hours sleep deprivation!

Please keep any suggestions coming, I will try anything!

sunandmoon Mon 15-May-06 13:48:42

I agree too, earplugs are the best!!! I used earplugs when my DD was between 5 months and 7 months, she was making so many sounds for hours during the night that it was the only solution... As long as they are not distressed, why not using them so at least you get a good night sleep and she doesn't get disturb by us trying to put them back to bed!!!! Good luck, and your DD seems to be a happy bunny

lunavix Mon 15-May-06 13:50:49

ds does it too 25 months.

sunandmoon Mon 15-May-06 13:53:34

Oh, an other Happy Bunny then

waterfalls Mon 15-May-06 13:54:31

Awwwwwwwwwww, I think thats realy cute but understand it must be annoying, I dont have any suggestions except to carry on ignoring it, and hopefully it will pass. One of my dts laughs loudly in her sleep, no idea which one though as they both sound the same

meowmix Mon 15-May-06 13:58:32

DS did it from about 22 months till quite recently, used to wake me up singing postman pat and reciting The Carrot Seed. Now he sleeps through but wakes up talking, as in he;s half way through saying something before his eyes even open.

wierd things children, don't you think?

Berksmum Mon 15-May-06 18:11:47

Thanks for all the support- at least I know she's not that weird..

My mother has suggested we may be getting her too excited about her b'day (this week) so I haven't mentioned the cake or candles at all today!

meowmix- I hardly dare ask how old yr DS is ("from about 22 months till quite recently")?

meowmix Wed 17-May-06 10:59:51

he's 2.75 yrs now. think he stopped around 2 and a half tho.

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 17-May-06 11:02:33

LOL DD - 3 yrs - does this (and has been for about a year now)

Although she does her rendition of "BOOOOOOOOOOB THE BUILDA" shortly after going to bed for a few hours rather than waking in the night.

Ear plugs seem to be the way to go.

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 17-May-06 11:03:18

And, Welcome, btw

Berksmum Wed 17-May-06 19:20:21

Thanks for the welcome- and mental note never to introduce DD to Bob the Builder!

It's her birthday today- she is about to go to bed and has resisted all attempts to chill her out.

I'll be bedding down in the shed tonight.

tassis Wed 17-May-06 19:24:48

welcome Berksmum and Happy B'day to your dd!

my ds (just 3) can talk for hours before going to bed, and if he wakes too early will lie and chat for another hour. Goes to bed for an hour in the middle of the day and chats/sings then too.

Thankfully never in the middle of the night.

I've noticed that he does it more if there's been a lot of excitement in the house, so hopefully your dd will settle after her b'day. Hope tongiht's not too grim!

Berksmum Wed 17-May-06 21:20:54

btw username is a ref to where I live- my DD is not called "Berk" (although wld be apt sometimes)

Husband just said I should point this out

alexw Fri 19-May-06 22:13:13

Dd (16months) been doing this for 4 days now - wondered what was cause... Probably means a) she's not quite ready to drop off/been disturbed or b) time to move her bed time from 6.45 to 7... This is co-inciding with shorter naps in the day too, so could be linked to sleep deprivation at nursery...esp as she sleeps for at least 2 hours at weekend and still wakes up late. Am great believer in sleep breeding sleep. Makes cute listening though!

giddy1 Fri 19-May-06 22:30:32

Message deleted

rummum Fri 19-May-06 22:35:22

welcome to MN... where in Berkshire are you...

Berksmum Sat 20-May-06 22:46:08

Thanks rummum...i'm in

BTW DD did actually sleep (almost) thru on her b'day- thank the lord!

Interested in your post, alexw- DD always sleeps for ages at weekends too (I think making up for limited sleep at nursery).

I'm vaguely thinking of cutting out a daytime nap but she never has any probs dropping off at 7- she obviously prefers the wee small hours for her variety performances!

lunarx Tue 23-May-06 13:44:36

my ds, 23 months (well, tomorrow he is!!) - does this about 3 or 4 nights a week. in the wee hours. for HOURS. no crying. just chattering.
and loud enough to wake us and keep us up. sometimes we go in and settle him back in.

he's been doing this on and off since 18 months. he will sometimes go weeks at a time with no loud nighttime wakings. i just try and tire him out before bed in hopes he will sleep thru.

maybe you can try and go in and re-settle her (and use your goodnight phrase if you have one)-
its frustrating as all get out! also maybe see if she isnt napping too much during the day (if she has one?)

you could try talking to your hv about it (or gp, to rule out anything medical (just in case))

good luck

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