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Night terrors... maybe.... I dont know....

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LouiseSmith Sun 14-Apr-13 23:18:01

Okay so,

Three nights ago, my son came into my room complaining about spiders, after a quick sweep of his room, nothing there. He came into my bed, as he couldn't settle in his own. He had been asleep up until he came out.

The next night, again he had been asleep for the whole evening, about 11pm he came out and said he was scared of monsters, again he came into my bed, poor little mite was terrified and clung to me like never before.

Today, he was fine until we got to my grans house, where he looked at her front door, promptly ran to nanny and clang onto her for dear life, you could see in his face he was scared. No reason as to why.

Tonight, same thing. Terrified, doesn't want to be alone in his room.

Any ideas please, nothing has changed in his routine, nothing scary been seen on TV. The only thing that may be effecting it is his "pops" died awhile ago, and he could be thinking about that. l but its been 11 weeks since he passed away and its only just started this week.

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