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ahhhhh Sun 14-Apr-13 16:55:28

my daughter is soon to turn 6 she has always been 'away with the fairies' but doesn't seem to be growing out of it she is very needy cant do anything by herself and cries if she doesn't understand something (which is very often). Its wearing me out as her 2 yr old brother is starting to copy. there is something that just isn't right about her she is always the kids getting told to listen or stand still I kind of wish that I knew if something was wrong just so I could help her

grants1000 Mon 15-Apr-13 09:45:43

Have her school/teacher said anything to you about her behavior? Or is she OK at school?

How do you deal with her meltdowns? Ignore her? Comfort her? The old ignore, the unwanted behavior and praise like mad the wanted behavior, works wonders! Needs to be done all the time, over weeks and weeks and she will get the message.

ahhhhh Mon 15-Apr-13 19:56:10

She has a new teacher the teacher doesn't seem to concerned but there are 30 kids in the class! I find it really embarrassing that she is always the child who can't do as she's told. I do try to ignore her but it doesn't seem to help, she won't go to a different part of our tiny house on her own even to her bedroom to get changed. I will make more effort to ignore thank you for the advice

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 15-Apr-13 22:19:05

Could this be about expectation? Do you see her as a big girl because she is the eldest? Only asking because my dd will turn 6 this summer. I know that they develop quickly but I couldn't trust her to get dressed on her own if I left the room, she just wouldn't cope with being sent to her bedroom to get changed.

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