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3 month DD choking herself with fingers!

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moomoo2013 Sat 13-Apr-13 11:00:04

DD is going through teething and has always been fond of sucking her fingers. But it's become extreme self soothing ! It's like she's trying to do the party trick of full fist in her mouth! Quite often she chokes herself which us horrible obviously . I know it's harmless and it will pass but I was wondering if there's any suggestions for alternatives to fingers? She doesn't quite have the motor skills or hand eye coordination for teething toys just yet. Any ideas welcome ! Cheers! Xgrin

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 13-Apr-13 11:35:41

What have you tried for the teething? Have you tried ibuprofen and a teething gel like dentinox? Will she take a dummy?

moomoo2013 Sun 14-Apr-13 16:31:12

she decided at about six week that she was over dummies ... sometimes she just lingers on the bottle gnawing away .. but i thought unless shes really upset i shouldnt bother with teething gels and calpol etc? we got calpol one day when shed been hysterical for the day and we got dentinox teething gel..... so many teething toys that she doesnt bother with yet..
thanks for the reply

ZuleikaD Sun 14-Apr-13 16:33:44

She's gagging, not choking, which is fine. I'd leave her to it.

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