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Cycles of abject terror at different noises

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redwellybluewelly Thu 11-Apr-13 10:03:56

DD is 30ish months. She has had severe hearing loss in the past caused by untreated glue ear. She also suffered a major brain injury at birth and has cerebral palsy (mild) but has managed in a mainstream nursery for a bit over 2 years.

When she was very tiny (months old) she would become stiff and hysterical if she heard echo's or was in a large open space with echoey type sounds, she then became terrified at about 1yrs old of hair dryers and hand dryers, hoovers and airplanes - watching other NT children this didn't seem that out of place. Apart from ultra loud dryers she is now ok with most sounds.

Until just before Easter when lorries, hedge cutters and verge mowers have brought out this fear again. And it is fear - she is petrified, goes rigid and becomes extremely upset and nursery have commented on it today as perhaps a little unusual in her level of reaction. Does anyone have any suggestions? Could this be a sensory thing or perhaps an indication the sound is hurting her ears again?

Many thanks

HappyJoyful Thu 11-Apr-13 11:37:14

Hi, I posted a while ago about some phobia's my dd seems to have developed recently and there were other's that commented about some of the things you mention.
I gathered and took comfort in the fact it did all seem pretty common and normal as they are becoming more aware of their surroundings etc.
Have a scroll back and see if you can find the posts.
We've yet to get the lawn mower out, but suspect this would have dd in a similar state to you describe.
Afraid I'm not experienced to know whether it is any indication she's having trouble with her ears again, but as I say, judging from the response s about fear / phobia's it doesn't necessarily mean it is and as I say, I can well imagine my dd would loathe some of those you describe and she doesn't have (as far as I'm aware) any issues with her ears.

jenduck Thu 11-Apr-13 12:10:02

My DS1 has always been more scared of noises than other DC his age. In his case, when he was about 2 it was hand-dryers, although like you I understood that this was fairly 'normal'. This then progressed to any 'bang' sounds - balloons popping, fireworks, the crash mat at soft play being slammed down by other children, Christmas crackers. At 4.4, he is no longer scared of Christmas crackers, and can play with balloons but doesn't like it if they burst. The soft play mats & fireworks are still a big issue.

We took him to have his ears checked out when he was about 3, in case there was a physical cause, and they explained to me that there is a bone (I think) which is soft up until they are about 4 or 5 & in some children this causes sensitive hearing. They were happy to see DS & talk to me about this, so I would recommend you do the same with your DC, to put your mind at rest.


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