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14 yr old step son hiding/dressing in my clothes

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slippeddisc Wed 10-Apr-13 16:47:15

I was collecting the washing off my 14yr old step son's bedroom floor and wrapped in one of his hoodies under the bed was a black long wig, bra and knickers a pair of tights and a vest top that all belong to me. Has anyone else had experience of their son experimenting with clothes? If so how have you dealt with it?

Belindaliu Wed 10-Apr-13 16:55:51

No can't say I have, but I used to be in a kids drama group from the age of 11 years old and the guys in there didn't think anything of dressing up and messing about. They are probably just intrigued but don't have any outlet to express it.
Well that's what my instinct tells me anyway, but then I don't probably have all the facts. You know your step son best.
Maybe have a chat with him about what fun it is to dress up and see if he mentions it?
A difficult one to bring up out of the blue. And you don't want to embarrass him.
Good luck

slippeddisc Wed 10-Apr-13 18:07:59

Thank you Belindaliu, I'm sure you're right, it's a tricky one that's for sure :-/

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