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What toys / activities would anyone suggest for my DD, already reached a lot of the 18 month milestones at 10.5 months

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workingmumto1 Wed 10-Apr-13 11:58:03

My DD has already reached most of her 18 month milestones (including walking confidently and she can currently say about 4 words, and is a great mimic of a lot of others), and while i'm sure that this is just the way she is, my DH and I are struggling to keep her occupied and not bored.

She is intensely curious and we want to encourage her without pushing her! She is at nursery 3 days a week and loves it.

We are struggling to think of a toy we could get her for her 1st birthday and any activities we can do with her on the weekends / evenings that she will like. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

StitchAteMySleep Wed 10-Apr-13 12:08:16

My 13 month old is like this.

She likes dd1's toys. The one she spends the longest with is the Lego Duplo. She also likes this, Happyland stuff and Fisher Price Noahs Ark also favourites.

gourd Wed 10-Apr-13 14:07:48

If she good with her hands what about craft things, stickling/collage (sequins, buttons, foam shapes etc) and ready mixed paints all good - obviously dont leave her unattended with them but fine if supervised. Musical instruments also very rewarding at this age - percussion and tuned percussion are very good. Glockenspiel very good for little ones as they can "play" those from about 6 months. Ours did anyway. Keyboard also very good from 6 months. Thumb painos sound nice but maybe too difficult for her to grasp and a bit too delicate till she is older. Wind intruments may be too difficult before 12 months for most kids, but if she is already using her facial muscles to talk maybe she can already blow/suck? If so, try bird/water whistles and harmonica (mouth organ) as they dont require huge hands to cover any note holes. Also toy/small ocarina as she gets older - easier to cover note holes on those small intruments than on large recorders and tin whistles etc. A lot of fun!

workingmumto1 Thu 11-Apr-13 08:08:39

Thanks both of you, great ideas!

She can use a whistle, I'd never thought of giving her a bird whistle though - will definitely be trying this as she loves her drum, tamborine etc.

megandraper Thu 11-Apr-13 08:12:37

My DD (now nearly 2) has loved Duplo since she was a year old - she has older siblings so it was always around, and she's become very good with it.

Lawabidingmama Fri 12-Apr-13 07:10:42

My DD2 is like this she's 12 months has been walking for 2 months can now climb, run, squat etc says 20+ words she loves all of DD1s toys (she's 3) particularly mega blocks etch a sketch aqua doodle she loves happy land, we got her the farm for her birthday she likes to make the animal noises! She also likes action type toys so the kitchen she can stand up at and pushing prams x

MasterOfTheYoniverse Fri 12-Apr-13 07:14:13

A micro scooter!
They now also come with an adjustable seat.

50shadesofbrown Fri 12-Apr-13 07:17:15

Ooh good thread, my Dd 11m is similar so I'll be interested in the replies...

We've got her building blocks, music type things but struggling for ideas. Should get some presents for birthday next month so we'll see.

Hulababy Fri 12-Apr-13 07:22:38

Dd used to enjoy HappyLand toys a lot

fififrog Fri 12-Apr-13 08:01:38

A tea set (plastic, so can pour water)

nagynolonger Fri 12-Apr-13 08:29:40

Something for the garden maybe a swing or a little slide.

Wooden peg puzzles. Sing along CDs.

workingmumto1 Sat 13-Apr-13 18:48:55

Ooh I like the tea set idea! We tried sticking feathers today which was great fun and very messy! Not many feathers ended up stuck to anything but themselves but still :-)

The whistles are brilliant and squirty bath toys are also proving to be great fun for her to squirt if we fill them up from a big bucket for her.

We've brought her a soft ride on pig for her birthday, so will see how that goes, and have my eye on some happyland toys. Any other favourites?

leeloo1 Sat 13-Apr-13 18:56:40

I can recommend:

toolkit -lots of twisting, fitting, pushing screws through holes etc

clock - good for shape matching, names, learning colours - and telling the time in a few years

TiredFeet Sat 13-Apr-13 19:02:14

Ds was the same, I don't think its that unusual. We went on loads of trips out he loves trains, buses, farms, zoo aquarium and lots of trips to the library for more books.

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