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don't know what to do about 16mo sleep!

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Madallie Wed 10-Apr-13 09:28:34

My dd 16 mo has never been a big napper. She was sleeping 1hr at 10am and then 40mins-1hr at about 2.30pm/3pm then bed at 7.30am.

I decided to try the 2-1 nap transition for a couple of reasons-
1. dd never really seemed tired at nap times
2. She won't sleep in pushchair so was having to rush back from wherever we were for pm nap which was often just 40mins!
3. She started waking at 5.30am.

Anyway, we are 3 days in now and I don't know if I should continue or go back to the 2 naps.

Day 1 - nap 12.30-1.45, in bed 6.30, asleep by 7pm woke at 7am. Great!
Day 2 nap - 12.35-1.55 in bed asleep by 7. Woke and moaned on and off from 6ish.
Day 3 - nap 12.30-2.30 (stirred at 1.45). Bed asleep by 7.10pm - moaned on and off through the night. Awake from 1.30-3.30am!! Moaning on and off from 6am. Fully awake at 6.45am.

Does this sount like OT? Even though she slept for 2hrs at nap time? Should I go back to naps or just persevere with the 1 nap and she will eventually get into this new routine?

She is my PFB so not sure if this is what usually happens at 2-1 nap transition or not.

Thanks for all your help.

Twattergy Wed 10-Apr-13 10:45:15

Now that she's made the change to one nap you might as well keep it that way. She's the right age for one nap. My ds similar to yours in that used to do x2 45 mins which went to 50 mins-1.5 hours when went to one nap. Now think that day time naps at this age don't really affect night times...waking more likely to be teeth/wind/general toddlerness...there is a bit of disruption at transition time, from my experience.

Madallie Wed 10-Apr-13 11:56:56

Thanks Twattergy. I was thinking the same about naps not really affecting night time anymore especially as she has been having at least 1 nap of 1hr 20mins. Maybe it's just a restless night time phase for her. Hope it's a short phase!! She did actually wake with a very runny nose and has nappy rash which she never gets so am thinking she's either just under the weather or teething (or both).

Anyone else experience unsettledness at night time around this age/stage?

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