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11 months old wont sleep.

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immumma Mon 08-Apr-13 13:30:10

I'm a mummy at the end of my tether,
I have an 11 month old little girl who just will not sleep through the night no matter what I do.
she did it for a short period at about 3 weeks but now will not sleepnthrough. I've even tried cutting out naps, changing feeding times the lot, nothing is working, its really stressing me out, and my partner, she is waking up for feeds as well, some nights its only once or twice but most nights its like three or four times a night.
please help!!!

saycheeeeeese Mon 08-Apr-13 19:44:00

Ok, don't cut out naps, they are important at her age and doing that may actually make it worse.

Try and take her out side for an hour or so daily, fresh air works wonders. Do you have a bedtime routine? If not try and start one, give her a good feed before bed and only offer water if she wakes in the night.

CabbageHead Tue 09-Apr-13 11:54:32

I have 11.5mth old, just went thru exactly the same thing... He has always been a horrid sleeper but just STTN twice recently, but apart from that he still wakes at least once or twice a night.. But in last few weeks it was multiple wakings sometimes 4times, yes it does our heads in too...

All u can do is rule out medical probs, (ear infection, sleep apnoea) tag team the night wakings with ur partner, try night weaning? If she is really hungry maybe a growth spurt.

Our DS was teething, going thru walking milestone and havign night terrors, fighting day sleeps re transitioning to one nap all at same time.

The only reason I am typing coherently is because I have had 2good sleeps in a row, becos my partner has been doing most of the night wakings. After a year of major sleep deprivation I was at end of my tether.

I always put DS to bed earlier than usual if he has missed nap or had short nap thru day... Otherwise he gets so fatigued easily then it's so hard to get him to sleep during the day which then compounds the night wakings cos then when he wakes he can't go back to sleep cos OT.

Is she walking or standing up yet? Do u know if it's a wonder week?

U have my sympathy, I have felt like it was possible to die from sleep deprivation sometimes! The exhaustion is unbelievable. Good luck hope u ride it out..I just keep thinking, every month sleep is getting

immumma Tue 09-Apr-13 13:37:07

she has started to stand now and is trying to walk but as she has been waking in the night for so long surely that can't be what it is?
she is fully weened now, never had Amy problems weening, she only seems interested in her bottles to get her back to sleep, and if she doesn't get it she screams the house down.
I feel so lost like my 11month old is the queen on the house. I love her I do but, but with so little sleep its destroying me, and my parenter is helping where he can but as I don't work I don't mind doing the night feeds and such as he does them on his days off

thank you for advise so far smile

teacher123 Tue 09-Apr-13 14:06:48

Do you think she's hungry? I try and feed DS as much as I can at mealtimes, and give him a yoghurt at bedtime to fill him up overnight. I definitely notice that he sleeps worse when he's not eaten three good meals throughout the day. I also try and tire him out, lots of crawling about and walks in the fresh air! He has two naps a day, and I limit them both to about an hour.

Deutschmum Tue 09-Apr-13 14:23:12

Our DS son didn't sleep through for 1st time til he was 11mths he's now 16mths and it's not every night that he does. Bless my DH who now takes the load at night and re settles him so that he doesn't expect milk from me. This helps a bit. Also going through the pain of stroking his back and helping him gradually to do the last bit of falling asleep in his cot helped. But it does slip backwards again is we allow him to fall deeply asleep in our arms.

loveisagirlnameddaisy Tue 09-Apr-13 16:50:03

If you can rule out hunger/pain etc, then I think it comes down to either a habit, too much/too little daytime sleep or just the horribly non-specific developmental sleep regressions. Do you feed to sleep in the night? And how much sleep is she having during the day? Some LOs need far less than others so it's not as simple as saying they need xx hours each day. I knew of a 16 month old on another forum who was on 45 mins a day otherwise the nights were horrendous.

My DS is 9 months old and every night is different. A real shock from my DD who slept through (albeit waking at 5am every day) from 4 months old. We FF so I'm not doing the boob in the mouth at every waking - can't be arsed to keep going off for bottles when he's had one 2 hours previously so I can be fairly sure he's not waking through hunger. But every night I come up with a different reason as to why he's waking. And apart from teeth or wind, the only thing I can think of is mental development.

immumma Tue 09-Apr-13 23:14:33

she has two one hour naps a day, and she was a small baby amf had unfortunely inherited my eating habits which is little and often but does have three meals a day plus snacks and at the same time every day.
sometimes she does need a bottle to get back to sleep other times its just her dummy, but its still concerning me and it isn't a gradual wake up, she wakes up with quite a start.
and sometimes screaming but I can see no sign of pain or otherwise, and I know it could be a nightmare but it happens so regularly.
I just feel at a complete loss, a friend has advised a visit to see gp so off to doc tomorrow in the hope he, night help because so fair my hv has been pretty unhelpful tbh.

thanks for the advise though, keep it coming, I'm willing to try anything

saycheeeeeese Wed 10-Apr-13 19:16:33

Try giving her one nap maybe just after lunchtime?

Do you have a nightlight in her room? She might wake up and be scared of the dark, some babies are, I have a nightlight in my DDs room.

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