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6-month old fidgeting - normal?!

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LovelyWeatherForDucks Sat 06-Apr-13 03:06:21

6 month old DS has never been a particularly calm or contented baby and his sleep is rubbish, not better than when he was a newborn really.

This might sound stupid, but I'm now starting to worry that his constant frantic / uncoordinated fidgeting isn't 'normal'...for example he woke at 1.15am and I've spent the last 1hr 45 trying to get him back to sleep. I hold him in cradle position, towards me (so on his side) and his 'top' / 'free' arm is constantly waving around, bashing me and him in the face - like it's attached to a string! And if that stops, one or both of his legs start going. And he'll sometimes arch his back and twist his head right round to look behind him. And he's strong now! And constant moaning / whimpering (turned to chatting now though!). He's had milk, carpool, teething stuff, but just won't settle due to constant moving. And when he does fall asleep, often when I move him to his cot all his arms and legs start going like a puppet too and we have to start all over again.

During the day / when I'm not trying to get him to sleep its less obvious, but he often arches, squirms and kicks in a very frantic sudden manner. Which I put down to normal baby development / startling etc when he was smaller, or maybe wind/discomfort, but now he's bigger and stronger its more of a problem.

He wakes up A LOT and seems to be whenever he moves, he wakes himself up.

He's meeting all the milestones in terms of coordination, tracking, etc etc so no concerns there, just this fidgeting seems to be preventing him (and me!) sleeping or relaxing. He will never just sit still on my lap or lie looking at something without his arms and legs going.

Any thoughts ?!

anonymosity Sat 06-Apr-13 04:15:47

Some kids are just a lot more active than others. I've had friends babies sitting on my knee and they just sit. My DD was in a state of constant movement unless she was either asleep or very very ill. She's the same now aged 5 - she runs around the house, jumps over stuff, climbs up the side of the sofa, scales the bookshelves, sits in the sink, its endless. My DS doesn't do any of it, he just sits back and laughs at her.

But, all that aside, if you are concerned, if something is saying to you this isn't quite right - go to your pediatrician and ask them to examine your child and explain what's been happening. It will be reassuring if nothing else.

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