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Can we have a 5 year old appreciation thread??? Come tell me about yours...

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2BoysAndNoMore Wed 03-Apr-13 22:23:24

My DS1 is 5 and is just the most amazing little person. I realise I just sound like another bragging mum here but can we share all the amazing things our 5 year olds do or have said over the past few days?

DS1 was the most hard work baby EVER. Never stopped crying and whinging despite several trips to cranial osteopath, paediatricians, GPs and several prescriptions for reflux medication and dairy free formula etc. Nothing seemed to cheer him up. BUT all is forgiven wink .

Over the past few years he has developed in to an articulate, clever, sensitive little boy who I am so proud of... maybe more so because of our shaky start when I honestly thought he'd never be happy.

Today whilst putting him to bed we were laughing and joking and he stumbled in to me in a fit of laughter and just said spontainiously 'Mummy, you're awesome.' then we had a snuggle on the bed and he was chatting to me about all the fun things we did on our holiday last August and it made me realise how much he remembers and how much all the little things we do everyday really do affect him and shape his childhood.

Anyway, enough gushing! Anyone else got an amazing 5 year old?

NotInMyDay Wed 03-Apr-13 22:27:32

I've got a 5yo DD who is amazing. She is so articulate with delightful little turns of phrase. She tries so hard to be kind and helpful. She fills my heart with joy and keeps me sane as DS is 2yo and, much as I love him, he is much harder work

The other night her brother was being a pest at bedtime but I got him settled down. DD said I was an angel for sorting out the problem. Made me well up.

2BoysAndNoMore Wed 03-Apr-13 22:30:52

Aww that's lovely NotInMyDay I feel the same. DS2 is 15 months and a horror of a baby same as DS1 (hence the nickname of 2boysandNOMORE!!!!) but every day DS1 reminds me of how DS2 won't be a baby forever and gives me hope. Aww I just ADORE this age!!!

candodad Thu 04-Apr-13 20:37:54

DD 5 and DS 4, if we try and talk to DS about having an accident in the bathroom departmetn DD hugs him and says "it's not his fault, he's trying so hard"

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