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Recommend me a new book now DS has turned 1

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AussieSim Sat 24-Jan-04 20:46:07

For the first year of his life I referred to 'What to expect in the first year'. But I guess I need to move on and I like a good read anyway and to feel informed. I'd especially like to know more about what my job is during toddler years. We don't have any persistent problems besides DS's eczema. Please give me your views of what book/s are worthwhile.

Evita Sat 24-Jan-04 20:50:13

Hmmm ... the next What to Expect is a useful read. Think it's called 'the toddler years.' Also I found the second installment of Tracy Hogg's 'The Baby Whisperer' was quite helpful. Then there's Stephen Green's 'Toddler Taming' which I found so/so, and rather problematic in places (i.e. he believes in smacking to a v. small degree). Can't think of any others offhand.

popsycal Sat 24-Jan-04 20:51:25

'raising boys'
bits of it are very interesting although some parts made me ....dont know what the word is....
useful to dip into for an opinion...but not to be taken as gospel
in my humble opinion anyway!!

lavender1 Sat 24-Jan-04 20:55:02

I borrowed a book by Miriam Stoppard from sil 0 to 5 I think it was, found it useful...local library is a good source (sure you've looked already) as there are so many books about bringing up children...often found that the one that seems to be saying to me, pick me has some use...sorry can't be more help.

AussieSim Sun 25-Jan-04 07:49:55

Lavender1 I can't use the local library as I'm in Germany, so I need to buy something from Amazon.

Popyscal - I assumed raising boys was kind of aimed at beyond the toddler years.

More input gratefully received!

kiwisbird Sun 25-Jan-04 10:42:43

penelope leach is good and the toddler taming book by Dr Green

Dmum Sun 25-Jan-04 10:50:35

I've just bought "The Baby Whisperer for Toddlers". (I'm getting prepared well in advance - DS is 9 months old!!) I think Tracey Hogg's ideas are great. I also like the "What to expect" books - used the pregnancy book and am still using the 1st year book. I think there might be a "What to expect - the Toddler years". Some of my friends think I'm crazy reading all these books, but I've found them really helpful. Maybe I'm just not a "natural" mother who knows how to do it all instinctively!!

aloha Sun 25-Jan-04 10:56:55

The Social Toddler by The Children's Project is great IMO - it really helps you understand things from a toddler's point of view. I don't know if you can get it via Amazon but you can definitely buy it over the net - google The Social Toddler Children's Project.

I have recommended it several times and I know other people have found it interesting and useful.

Evita Sun 25-Jan-04 11:37:10

aloha, I read The Social Baby before my daughter was born and I found it invaluable in preparing me for what to expect / how to try to communicate with her. Will try out the Social Toddler too. I'd forgotten there was a 'sequel'.

GillW Sun 25-Jan-04 11:40:29

We have "The Social Toddler", as already mentioned. I also like most of "Toddler Taming" as there's a lot of stuff in it which has a "you haven't really got a problem, this is perfectly normal" approach, which is quite reassuring. I don't actually think I've come across any one which I'd choose to the exclusion of all others - try to read several and pick the bits which appeal out of all of them.

littlerach Sun 25-Jan-04 11:55:52

I really liked What to expect...the toddler years. Although American, v. useful, as long as you don't get too hung up on the milestones. Also good tips for food and toilet training.
Toddler Taming good to dip into.

Can anyone please recommend a book for age 3+, as I haven't found one yet, DD 3 in couple of months. TIA.XX

Kayleigh Tue 27-Jan-04 10:48:57

I second littlerach. The "What to expect" book has been great.

FairyMum Tue 27-Jan-04 11:09:12

"The Girlfriend's guide to Toddlerhood" by Vicky Lovine is great!

ThomCat Tue 27-Jan-04 11:24:51

Yep - another vote for 'What to Expect'

AussieSim Tue 27-Jan-04 16:52:55

Well, I've been taking your advice and checking out Amazon, and (1) The Social Toddler was there (and I always like what Aloha has to say so ...), and then I thought I would get an (2)Annabel Karmel book (have heard lots of great things about her stuff on here), and then there were (3) some good books on things to do with toddlers (I worry that I'm not contributing much to his development at this stage), and then I thought given I've used the the previous 2 (4)what to expect books I should keep going with them ...

Does this sound like too many books (it probably will to my DH), plus I've put in for a used copy of the Dr Atherton book on Eczema.

Your input please, Sim

littlerach Tue 27-Jan-04 17:23:04

Always good to have a few, as then you don't take one person's word as gospel!!!

But can anyone recommend a book for me and DD aged 3.PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

AussieSim Tue 27-Jan-04 18:32:48

I'm not the best person to make a recommendation, but this at least might get it back on the 'Active' list.

I did read a good review on Amazon for The Pocket Parent which was for toddlers from 2 to 5 I think.


kama Tue 25-Jan-05 17:03:14

Message withdrawn

Chuffed Wed 26-Jan-05 10:13:45

To preread a few different books is a great idea. It means if something doesn't work you always have other ideas from other books and you always find somethings are more 'you' than others too.
I think I might join you dmum in some prep as dd 10months.

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