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Toddler first night in big boy bed...proper single and no bed guard. Risks?

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Namehelpplease Mon 01-Apr-13 19:56:12

Bless him. He's asleep in his big boy bedroom for the first time (I do realise that sounds naff). Anyway...we decided to go for a proper adult low-to-the-floor single as he's a difficult sleeper and we get in with him to get him off to sleep. He also comes into our bed at midnightish and we thought we could perhaps get him out of the habit by one of us settling him off again in his bed.

Anyway - is there some reason I should know about why we should have gone for a toddler bed? We have also put cushions on the floor in case he rolls off. We do plan on getting a bed guard but won't have it for a few days. Am I missing anything?

brettgirl2 Mon 01-Apr-13 20:01:05

No you aren't missing anything. He may fall out though grin dd1 fell out and didn't wake up at that age.

DizzyPurple Mon 01-Apr-13 20:04:29

No, sounds good to me. My dd has a low bed rather than a toddler bed. It's a small one but should last her a few years. We put her old cot mattress on the floor by the bed for a while and she did fall out a few times but it never really bothered her. How exciting for you.. Hope you get some sleep! Remember he might just turn up in your room at random times. I find it easier when i'm half asleep to just make space in my bed and let her in rather than take her to bed but we usually regret it in the morning as its a bit of a squeeze! Fortunately it's not all that often. See how you go!

TheCountessOlenska Mon 01-Apr-13 20:05:43

I put DD in adult single at about 20 months (for same reasons as you) - put some pillows on the floor, she only ever fell out once - and didn't wake up. I don't see the point in bed guards, you've got to learn not to fall out of bed at some stage . . .

Good luck for tonight smile

MsUrsa Tue 02-Apr-13 07:21:44

If he's a restless sleeper and you're worried he might fall out, you could try this?

aufaniae Tue 02-Apr-13 07:29:06

We put DS in an adult single at - I forget when, 3 maybe? (he'dberd in a toddler bed before) We used the side guards which we took off a few months ago, around his 4th birthday. He's never fallen out.

By other people's responses I'm guessing that 's later than most, but it worked for us anyway!

bigkidsdidit Tue 02-Apr-13 07:32:54

we put our 2.3yo in a bed this weekend too, as we need the cot bed for the new baby soon. Three nights in and he's fallen out every night, but not cried or woken up confused

I don't know what to do - how will he learn not to fall out when he just carries on sleeping on the carpet!

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