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From Moses basket to crib

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LittleSF Mon 01-Apr-13 14:20:44

So at ten weeks old our little boy has outgrown his Moses basket (he'd probably outgrown it a week ago).

We had been placing the basket inside the crib (it's a Mothercare glider crib) beside our bed. Last night we put him in a Gro Bag (we had tried him in the Gro bag and crib once before and he slept fine) and put him down in the crib but he refused to settle. He wasn't upset, just arms and legs going constantly with lots of noisy mooching.

He had his last bottle at 11 and he'd usually sleep until 4 or half past then. Last night he was still mooching loudly and waving arms and legs at 2am. His eyes were closed but he just seemed unsettled with all the space. I'd had enough at that stage and took him out of the Gro bag and brought the Moses basket back in. Tucked him in with his blankies and he was totally settled and asleep within minutes, if not seconds.

So does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make him settle better? My mum, of course, thinks we should use blankets instead of the Gro bag and put some around the sides to make him feel cosy. But as far as I know this is against the SIDS guidelines so not an option. Should we just persevere and hope he settled? Just wondering if anyone else had problems going from Moses basket to crib/gro bag?

(We haven't got our cot yet as I hope he'll be in the crib for a while yet and there wouldn't be room for it in with us.)

Any suggestions appreciated.

AndMiffyWentToSleep Mon 01-Apr-13 15:47:17

We found a zip-up swaddlepod helped with the flailing arms that stopped him sleeping. In fact I've mentioned it so much on here people may think I sell them- I don't!
Also could you put him in it awake, not at naptime, to get him used to it?

LittleSF Mon 01-Apr-13 18:55:18

Thanks for that - I will try putting him in it during the day and see how it goes but he does love to be swaddled so the pod thing you mentioned is definitely something we'll look at if we don't have any success over the next few nights.

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