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3 month old sleep - clueless and getting it wrong

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Elvisrules Sat 30-Mar-13 08:04:38

hi everyone
just wondering if anyone with more experience than me could tell me what to do, am stressing out that am really not doing things right.
my dd was such a good sleeper for the first two and a half months - she was really fine and seemed to be getting plenty of sleep even though she didnt go to bed until we did. then she started taking ages to settle - up to 2 hours - and we realised we might be making her overtired, so started a bedtime routine.
we now do the whole shebang and try and put her down at 7.30. she then just screams for a couple of hours, no matter what we do, sometimes even when we cuddle her. eventually she will sleep of course, but when she falls asleep she will then wake up maybe half an hour later, screaming again. she sounds so upset. and that then repeats.
when we cuddle her to sleep (not sure we're meant to but you just feel for her), she will wake up again as soon as we try and put her down, and again go back to the hysterics.
after a feed around 4.30 thats pretty much it then. we have to just call it a night and get up. cant see that she's getting more than three hours night time sleep.
if this is normal thats fine - didnt expect normal sleep - but I'm scared that I'm not getting it right for her.
some friends have said maybe she's sleeping too much during the day, some say not enough. dont know whether should be cuddling her. not sure whether should feed to sleep - but if I do she wakes up when being winded so dont see the point...?
really confused and really upset - feel like a total failure

Elvisrules Mon 08-Apr-13 14:15:08

ah fantastic! a sleep section! so it's not just me then!
thank you all again for all your advice and emotional support - so much appreciate it
been a bit more relaxed last few nights and let her do her thing while up with us - been so much easier and she seems happier!

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