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Does this sound like teething?

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whyno Thu 28-Mar-13 09:05:20

DS is 20 months and has most of his teeth. It's never seemed to bother him much.

Last two days he's had very red dry patches on cheeks which I put down to weather. However I've noticed he's constantly rubbing at his mouth / face and the lip on one side of his mouth is also a bit red and angry looking.

Clingy, Slightly loose nappies and nappy rash as well.

Last night he was up in the night (only ever happens when ill) but no temperature. Calpol didn't make dramatic difference to his mood either.

Does this sound like teething to those of you in the know? I hate not knowing what's bothering him.
Thanks so much in advance.

whyno Thu 28-Mar-13 09:07:14

Oh and in the night when up he kept wanting the bottle of water I'd made to soothe him. Had it in mouth for ages but not lots of the water going...

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