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3 yo suddenly doing bonkers sleep pattern

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Stangirl Wed 27-Mar-13 09:50:48

My DD has slept through from 7pm - 7:30am or later since around 6months. She adores her Dad and he leaves for work every morning at 7am before she gets up. Over the last month she has been waking at 6am and comes down to see him in the shower. He then settles her with breakfast and puts the telly on. Around 7:30 she then goes and wakes her brother (19months) and that wakes me (though in truth I've been fitfully awake since 6am). At weekends she would get up at 6am and come and "rest" in mine and DP's bed with us.

The last few days DP has been away and DD has come downstairs 30mins after I put her to bed. I've put her back in bed. When I go to bed (around 10:30 or so) I have found her asleep in my bed. I've put her back in her bed. the last 3 nights I have woken up at 6 to find her back in bed with me. Last night DP was back and she came into our room 3 times to see him during the night.

How can we break this habit?

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 27-Mar-13 13:22:01

Make sure she has some one to one with Dad now he's home, she's obviously been missing him, and quietly put her back to bed at night. If trees too much fuss it might continue.

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