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Activities for an advanced child (if this is advanced, I've got no idea!)

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polishthisturd Mon 25-Mar-13 14:54:02

Please don't think I am here to boast. My DS is 2 and 3 months and I know that every parent thinks their child is clever but sometimes he freaks me out with the things he knows and I worry I will fail him by not really knowing where to go with it. I just wonder how I can keep helping him to develop, really. I'm scared that my lack of understanding of child development will cause his learning to slow down and I don't really know any other children so I have absolutely nothing to gauge it against. (Well, there are children at the play groups we go to of course, but from the time spent with them its not easy to tell.)

So far he :

* Knows all the basic colours
* Knows all the basic shapes
* Knows all the days of the week
* Knows his address
* Knows the names and ages of close and extended family members
* Can understand familial relationships (ie knows that his Nan is my mother and his uncle is my brother)
* Can identify all letters except Q which he thinks is O, and tell you a word beginning with each letter
* Can identify numbers up to 10, count to 20 and can tell you the amount of something you are holding (he counts by pointing)
* Knows what denomination of pound note you are holding
* Understands the concept of time, ie asks me what time it is, as 2pm is roughly nap time, 4pm is pick up daddy time, 10am is playgroup etc
* Can hold a full conversation
* Can sing Incy Wincy Spider/Baa Baa Black Sheep/Twinkle Twinkle/Happy Birthday/Candy by Robbie Williams

Yesterday he called his dad from my phone on his own (ie found his name in the address book and pressed call) and said "Hello Dad, its me!"

If this is normal, then great. If its advanced then what do I do? Should I be finding games to play to keep him interested or just continue as I am? I dont want to let him down.

noblegiraffe Mon 25-Mar-13 18:20:35

My DS does Music With Mummy which has different classes for different age groups. It's just a bit of singing, dancing and playing with instruments, but my DS really likes it.

Tamdin Mon 25-Mar-13 18:31:19

Like creativevoid said I don't think you're crazy (or boasting) this sounds advanced to me. I have a ds2 who is 2y3mths and he would not have half this amount of knowledge. He is chatty and talks clearly, knows his basic colours and 3 basic shapes but that would be about it

polishthisturd Mon 25-Mar-13 20:22:40

English is by far the stonger language because we were holding off. Those classes look great but there arent any near us sad

He once called an uncle we don't see very often by the name DNephew uses for DP, which is different to the name we use for the uncle we do see as there are three words for uncle dependent on relation. It seemed like he had realised that this man was DN's father and as such should use the word that DN uses for DP (although it was wrong as there is another word for uncle by marriage!) but it was a good attempt!

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