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Hypermobility - 2 year old

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ReallyNotAHippie Tue 19-Mar-13 22:04:42

I've read a few threads on this but have a few questions of other parents of Hypermobile children if that's ok?

We saw a Paediatrician in November as our youngest was 20 months old, wasn't walking, hadn't crawled until 16 months, and was super-flexible (generally sat doing the splits, moved his legs 180 degrees without lifting his bottom off the floor etc).

She confirmed our suspicion that he was hypermobile, stating he had the most flexible ankles she'd ever seen (great......!) and also hypermobility in his hips, wrists and fingers. He doesn't seem to experience any pain from it (other than from all the falling over) which is good.

Her recommendation was to get him supportive boots, to help his ankles, and sure enough, once he had these, it was only a few weeks before he took his first steps.

The Paediatrician said that, once he was walking, we could call her up for a referral to Orthotics if we thought it was necessary. She also said that there was no point in physio for someone so little. This has been puzzling me quite alot as, from what I've read, quite a few toddlers have seen physio about their hypermobility. Has anyone else received this advice from a Consultant? Am wondering if we'd be better seeing an Orthopaedic Consultant rather than a Paediatrician. He's now been walking for over 3 months and is still incredibly unstable. He's not able to walk around outside without someone right by him to hold his hands/catch him when he falls over, and indoors he falls over ALL the time - his walking is almost like a run, which seems mostly involuntary - he's just trying to catch up with himself so he doesn't fall over!

Any thoughts appreciated!

EggBasket Tue 19-Mar-13 22:10:05

Hiya DS2 is a bit older (3.11) but just been diagnosed with hypermobility. We too were told that physio wasn't necessary at the moment as most hypermobile children naturally "stiffen up" as they get older, but that we could ask to be referred for physio if things hadn't improved in a couple of years. He is still rather clumsy but doesn't fall over half as often as he used to when he was first walking, his legs ache sometimes but otherwise he gets on fine.

ReallyNotAHippie Tue 19-Mar-13 22:14:39

Sounds like they're exactly the same age (DS2 was 20 months when diagosed but is 2 next week). Good to hear that someone else has been told physio isn't necessary - was a bit worried we'd been misinformed.

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