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swanridur Fri 15-Mar-13 20:16:31

My grandson, who is nearly 18 months, knows and can say his numbers up to 10. Knows colours red blue green and can identify other colours. He know lots of animals and other things such as pond, Sun,clouds etc. he asks for toast and marmite for example, and 'copies frases like shall we go out. He haa been saying 'mumma and grandma and dadda and Baha'I for months when he wants us to kiss each other. He also says'my mumma'. He can identify and make phonetic sounds for about half of the alphabet . Today he picked up a puzzle piece and said triangle. I then asked what the other shapes were called and he said, square and circle. His speech is babyish but is perfectly understandable. I am a very proud grandma and he is a Joy. He loves playing with the apps on my phone and is able to play games. He loves singing and elephants and he likes Nelly the elephant on YouTube. He has also been watching complete films such as ice age for months and acts out the scenes with his animals. I want to encourage him in his development but does anyone know how to help him in the future if he is quite advanced by the time he goes to school. Xxxx

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Fri 15-Mar-13 21:36:21

He does sound bright. I would begin to develop his imaginary play now..and his social interaction.

As he's leaning towards some academic ability, it might be a good tool for when he begins preschool if he's also socially rounded.

So learning about turn taking perhaps? Though he's very young for that really...I would just enjoy him...have tea parties with his lots of bring his fine motor skills on so that he can begin to write later on.

ZuleikaD Sun 17-Mar-13 06:10:16

It sounds like his speech is good, how are his physical skills? For a well-rounded brain it's best to concentrate on the things they don't do well to enhance development. Play games with a ball (rolling it to and fro, etc), give him lots of opportunities for mark-making, painting, playdoh etc.

Whatalotofpiffle Sun 17-Mar-13 06:58:04

Look up the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is what under 5 childcare is based around and will give you an idea of developmental norms and ideas

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