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Nearly 2yo being er challenging. All. The.time...

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sleepdodger Fri 15-Mar-13 19:20:16

My DS is nearly 2yo and is suddenly challenging all the time
Pushing other children, kicking screaming tantrums, sometimes for a reason, sometimes not
Refusing to sit nicely
Throwing toys
He's at nursery ft and they have commented in the pushing over the last couple of weeks too
They and us respond in same way ie on his eyeline, that's not kind, hurting other people makes them sad- he seems to enjoy te sorry and cuddle bit too which doesn't help
I had a bit of child care guilt and wondered if he was feeling neglected but I can safely say after a week on holiday with him there is no change in our side lots of cuddles and praising good, ignoring stuff and choosing battles etc
He has always been strong willed and is fairly ahead in vocab, developmentally advanced at same time as behaviors worsened- linked? clutches straws
Is this normal terrible two stuff
What should I respond with
When does it end
If not normal who do I raise it with- hv?

sleepdodger Sat 16-Mar-13 00:23:31

Shameless bump grin

matana Sat 16-Mar-13 14:33:15

Yep, sounds about right! Had the same with ds, even down to the guilt you describe re. Childcare. Ime it will come in peaks and troughs. Ds goes for weeks like an angel and then literally overnight will turn into the devil doing all the things you describe. Dh and I just alternated afternoons off with him to give him some quality one to one time as last weekend we just felt like we were telling him off all the time. He seems happier again and we are looking forward to the weather turning warmer so we can spend more time out of the house with him. It all makes a difference. Don't forget molars start coming through at 2 as well....

johnnymunro Sat 16-Mar-13 15:50:36

Hi - I'm glad I read your post before posting my own. It's covered a lot of what I'm about to ask. My son is 20 months old and has started 'trying' us. His current favourite is to knock over a plant. Today he did this when we weren't in the same room. He then came in to the kitchen and lead me by the hand to the plant and looked at me. He's clearly looking for a reaction. So far I've tried showing him how hacked off this makes me. I've also tried getting him to sit in the middle of the room and do nothing until I've finished cleaning it up. Today I just ignored it and am thinking about moving the plant but am a bit worried that's not really addressing the problem and he'll move on to something else.

He's also hitting a lot of his friends on a regualr basis but that's another post in itself...

Any help/advice gratefully appreciated.

sleepdodger Mon 18-Mar-13 21:23:50

Well today he was back at nursery after our holiday to behave beautifully all day... Until I arrived to pick him up when he took one look at me and pushed his friend into the wall hmm
So I'm of the opinion it's for attention
I'm going with the naughty step it's not kind bored voice hoping this phase will pass (until the next thing...)

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