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Help - 9.5 yo ds, pooed in pyjamas!!!!

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Takeadeepbreath Thu 14-Mar-13 23:45:17

Just went to check on DS who is 9.5 and realised he had wet the bed and done a poo in his pjs! He is a bed wetter and we are consulting with a paediatrician to get this under control. He is a VERY deep sleeper and the need to wee has never woken him up. However I have not known him to poo in his sleep since toddler age. He does not have tummy bug. Am I right to be worried?? Any thoughts?

LackaDAISYcal Thu 14-Mar-13 23:54:30

Not sure about the pooing, maybe he is just nore tired than normal or has been a bit constipated so didn't have a poo earlier today as normal? But we have finally got my almost 11 yo DS reliably dry at night. Like your DS he is a VERY deep sleeper, and it took almost a year of using a bedwetting alarm to finally crack it.

It is really hard, on all of the family so you have my deepest empathy. I remember this time last year thinking that nothing was ever going to work and feeling really sad and upset. However, over a year on, and he has only had two incidents this year.

It was tough on him when his younger siblings were dry at night before he was, but we have come out of the other side now, and I'm sure that with paediatric/nursing support, so will your DS smile

Takeadeepbreath Fri 15-Mar-13 00:02:27

Thanks for your quick reply lackadaisycal, I really appreciate your support. It's fantastic that your DS has got it under control smile, it gives me hope. Your heart breaks for them sometimes. He has a 2 day residential soon as worried about handling it. Will prob take pull ups. Can I ask about the alarm you used. DS is really anti it as he thinks it will scare him! How did it work for you? Sorry to ask so late!

LackaDAISYcal Fri 15-Mar-13 00:20:19

No worries, I am up anyway smile

We had all the paed checks and they couldn't find a reason for it, as his bladder capacity etc seemed ok, so the alarm weas a last resort and we went through the school nursing team. We got a vibrating one rather than a buzzer and for the first few nights I slept in with him to help him realise that the buzzing meant get up. to begin with, it would wake him as he was starting to wee and would need changing, but with a bed mat on, it meant a change of pjs and a clean bed mat rather than stripping the whole bed. He went through a phase of hating to wear it, but every time he refusedor ripped it off after lights off, he would be soaked to his armpits. Just as we were despairing that he would ever be able to wake himself up, he started waking before the alarm, and then ultimately sleeping through. It's been a bumpy ride though, with good spells and bad spells, him thinking he had cracked it and then having a spell of wet every night for a fortnight.

Like your DS he has a residential coming up and was mithering himself silly about it, thinking he wouldn't be able to go, talking himself into it, tantrums because his mates would be merciless if he had an accident etc etc. He is still worried about it, but tbh whenever he stayed over at friends, even at his wettest, he was always dry in someone else's bed. The nurse said that because they worry about being wet, they don't sleep as soundly as in their own bed.

Have you talked to the school about it? If your DS is going on the residential, it's worth letting them know and then they can help him get the privacy he needs to put a pull up on. My DS though, would rather have not gone than have to face anyone finding out about pull ups, even though he was quite open about it with his closest friends.

It's tough, but he will get there. Monitor the pooing as well, but hopefully that was a one off. Is he ok about that? Did you wake him up to get changed?

LackaDAISYcal Fri 15-Mar-13 00:24:10

sorry, the alarm clipped to his pjs near his shoulder, and there was a wire and sensor that slipped in between two pairs of underpants. It was very unobtrusive and small and other than a few times when he rolled over and it dug into his shoulder waking him (doubly efficient, lol wink) he never knew it was there...and the vibration didn't disturb his little brother who he shares a room with, but a buzzer probably would have.

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