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So how do i get DD to have her medicine?

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MadMonkeys Thu 14-Mar-13 20:38:11

Dd needs antibiotics, she has eczema on her face which is infected. She is 3yo, lovely and clever and strong willed. She also has a sickness virus. The antibiotics are liquid, opaque and quite strong flavoured so hard to disguise. I gave up trying after an hour this evening but I have 4 doses a day for 10 days to get down her. If anyone has any advice please share your wisdom...

ginmakesitallok Thu 14-Mar-13 20:41:01

We're going through same with dd2, who is 3 and needs same dose of the horrible orange stuff as your dad. We've resorted to mixing it with a mix of fruit juice and lemonade. Deal is that if she drinks her special juice she doesn't have to have her horrible medicine. So far it's working, only 7 more days to go!

ginmakesitallok Thu 14-Mar-13 20:41:42

Your dd, not your dad!

OpheliasWeepingWillow Thu 14-Mar-13 20:42:44

Mix with Golden Syrup? Has a very strong masking taste.

Sirzy Thu 14-Mar-13 20:44:20


MadMonkeys Thu 14-Mar-13 20:47:59

Tried bribery, no joy. She has no appetite with the virus, which makes it harder.

Cat98 Thu 14-Mar-13 20:51:17

Mix with something really yummy - chocolate spread? I know it's not ideal but as a one off..?
Or with ds at that age a bribe of 20p per dose worked and he could then choose a toy! Material minded even as a toddler, but it seemed to work..!

Cat98 Thu 14-Mar-13 20:51:49

Meant to say I hope your dd feels better soon.

MadMonkeys Fri 15-Mar-13 13:00:35

Thanks everyone. We had a short interlude while dd had a floppy episode, eyes rolling, no response etc, ambulance to hospital, given the all clear - just to take my mind off the antibiotics! Then Dd had a dose in banana milk with no objection, what she doesn't know won't hurt her...! We now have a variety of smoothies, fruit juices and milk shakes to try, one dose down, 39 to go...

verygentlydoesit Fri 15-Mar-13 13:03:03

Glad to hear she's ok, sounds terribly frightening.

We've had luck with the gloopy stuff you can get to put on top of icecream. It is sickly sweet and masks antibiotics well.

Good luck!

Stephanie16 Fri 15-Mar-13 14:22:07

Well you'll have to get it in her whether she likes it or not otherwise she won't get better. May be using a syringe might be better I used to do it this way with my 5 year old when she was 3. You'll have to grab her and make sure she swallow it. Sorry for sounding this way but I know how it is with antibiotics and just trying to say she'll have to have it there is nothing else to do.

Jakeyblueblue Sat 16-Mar-13 21:55:37

I resorted to syringing it into those fruit pouches. Works every time smile

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