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Getting into sitting position from lying down

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Busybeebaby Thu 14-Mar-13 15:41:10


I am not sure whether I should be concerned or whether I am being paranoid and was wondering if I could get a bit of reassurance and advice.

My son who has just turned 11 months old has no problem getting himself from sitting upright to lying on his tummy but the problem is he gets stuck there. He desperately tries to get himself back to sitting up but always fails miserably and so I end up having to rescue him. In terms of his overall physical development he cannot crawl, but is confidently cruising around the furniture and walking with his push along walker and is starting (although inconsistently) to pull himself to standing.

B xx

Mehrida Thu 14-Mar-13 15:58:00

My DS is 10 months and I had been getting a bit antsy about this as well, as all his peers seem to be shooting off crawling everywhere while he just sits there like the Queen of Sheba taking everything in.

However, in the space of 24 hours he has just started sitting up from his tummy and doing a wonky kind of crawl.

I guess they just do it all at their own pace and when they decide to do it they just do! I bet loads of them that age can crawl but not cruise like your DS and he probably does/has other stuff that they don't.

Eg for past three months when everyone keeps asking if my DS is crawling and I say no, they say oh but look at his lovely hair, I wish my DD had some! etc etc.

Hope this helps.

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