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Bringing babies home from the SCBU

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glamourbadger Sat 06-May-06 15:37:38

I had my twins at 31 weeks and they have been in special care for a month. The doctors say we should be able to bring them home in a couple of weeks as they have put on weight and are starting to take most of their feeds (EBM) from the bottle.

Just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience and has any advice they can pass on? The NICU and SCBU are very noisy, always light, hectic and at least 26 degrees - I am wondering how they will cope in our quiet and comparatively chilly house!?

Would really appreciate any tips from Mums that have been through the same thing.

Mog Sat 06-May-06 17:05:53

Hi glamour.
My first dd was in SCBU for the first 10 days of her life but probably wasn't as poorly as your lovely twins. I know I felt extremely nervous bringing her home as she was no longer hooked to monitors and it was up to me to look after her!

Do you have a local twins group in your town? They might be able to help with the practicalities - also try posting on the multiple births section.

All the best anyway and hope everything goes well.

SparklyGothKat Sat 06-May-06 17:51:05

I have had 3 premature babies (DS-36 weeks only in SCBU for 2 days, DD1-31 weeks in SCBU for 5 weeks, and dd2-33 weeks in scbu for 3 weeks)
I found that the girls adjusted to the home enviroment very easily. They did sleep alot and were in a good routine. The girls came home with a nasel tube still in site, so we could keep topping up their feeds while I got BF sorted (it was hard to do while they were in SCBU)

daisy1999 Sat 06-May-06 18:05:24

I had my twins at just under 33 weeks and they were in scbu for 5 weeks whilst they put on weight and learned to suck. They were fed by nasal tube at first.
We found no problem bringing them home except they were used to it being light all the time! we just used a night light and gradually got it darker. I was really worried about the fact it was really hot in the hospital but we were told to treat them like "normal" babies once they got home and we kept them a lot cooler than in hospital and they were fine.
Good luck

eidsvold Sun 07-May-06 13:18:25

my dd1 came home from SCBU with a ng tube in and on 4 hours feeds with various medication. We basically treated her like a normal baby from day one ( well as normal as could be - she had a heart defect and we needed to fatten her up prior to surgery). She coped really well with the home situation. She was in hospital for 3 weeks.

If you are concerned about the temp - make sure the hospital teach you about swaddling - worked to settle dd2 down - although if I remember the Uk nurses did not show us swaddling with dd1.... but it jsut tucks them into a blanket all nice and cosy.

MizZan Sun 07-May-06 21:52:01

GB - my son was born at 32 weeks and was in NICU for 2 1/2 weeks and SCBU for about 3. The good news for you is it's so much less stressful for everyone once they're home. We were so relieved to have him home that all the stuff I thought I'd be panicking about, like no more monitors, I hardly even worried about when it came down to it.

Having them used to light and noise can work in your favour - my son can sleep anywhere, anytime, now. You might want to keep your heat on or put in a portable heater for them for the first little while till they adjust.

it's great that they're bottle-feeding. we had them start bottle-feeding our guy (with EBM) so we could bring him home without the naso-gastric tube (I was breastfeeding also though later had to stop, long story and nothing to do with having given him bottles). this made life much easier. I have to say the nurses were totally resistant and wanted us to feed him with a cup, which was absurd for a preemie. don't be pressured into this! lots of people do bring them home with the nose tubes in, and it seems to work fine, but our son kept pulling his out while he was in hospital and I couldn't really face having to reinsert it myself three times a day.

good luck - you'll be so glad when they're home!

groggymama Thu 11-May-06 10:47:31

just found this thread, my two spent a lot of time in SCBU (ds1 prem 28 wks, ds2 prem 30wks), for me coming home was the best thing. I kept ds2 out of drafts and swaddled him up in his moses basket in the living room while I watched telly, so it was quite light and noisy! he only woke up every 4 hours and I tended to put him straight down again after a feed. (he came home quite sleepy and lost a bit of weight after coming home)

It took a couple of weeks before I could treat him as a normal baby and take him out!

good luck, sounds like you've been really strong, expressing and everything!

charliegreensmum Thu 11-May-06 13:59:10


Just wanted to second what groggymama said. DS was in SCBU for 10 weeks before coming home, but settled down very quickly once home. He didn't seem to mind it being dark at night and we kept him in the nice 4 hourly routine the SCBU had got him into. He has always been a laidback, easy-going little chap and I do attribute that in part to the 'training' he got in hospital.

Just a word of warning, I found expressing very difficult once DS was home, only kept it going for about a month. DS carried on with EBM I had kept frozen and then went on to nutriprem 2 very happily.

Best wishes


tewin Wed 24-May-06 19:39:00

Good luck Glamourbadger, you will be just fine. I had DD at 28 weeks weighing 2lb 11oz, she was in scbu for 9+ weeks and I was terrified. Anyway she came home weighing less than 5lb and still struggling with breast feeding but we managed. Swaddling them is a great idea as they feel warm and secure. I made 2 friends in SCBU each of them having twins, believe me it is much easier than SCBU because hopefully you are more relaxed, Will you have any help at hand? BTW DD is 11yrs nxt wk size 6 feet, 5ft 2in and model figure. We are so blessed with her, these premies really do catch up quick and in many cases take over the growth of full term babes. Really feeling for you but sure you'll do fine. X

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