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Potty training, how long to keep trying with 2 year old?

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Epigirl Wed 21-Jan-04 18:39:15

Apologies if this has been covered before.

I decided to start potty training 25 month old dd this week as she saw her friend use the toilet and seemed to want to do that herself. So far I am only on day 2 and she is having more misses that hits (wees, no poo yet, have I made her constipated?) although she has asked to use the potty a few times, if she has been absorbed in something she has forgotten. She seems to enjoy wearing pants and trying to use her potty.

What I am wondering is how long do I continue with her? I can stay around the house for about another 6 days, making 8 in total. Does that seem long enough?

Also, I know we have to persevere and I would be loathe to give up but, if she gets no better after 8 days, do I just call it quits and start again in a couple of months?

Any other general potty training tips welcome.

twiglett Wed 21-Jan-04 18:41:49

message withdrawn

bundle Wed 21-Jan-04 18:43:57

agree with twiglett, don't rush it. also could try putting teddy/dolly on potty, my dd1 loved that! good luck

FairyMum Thu 22-Jan-04 07:05:46

I recommend a book about potty-training by the NCT. You can buy it in most book shops. My DS is 29 months and still no sign of wanting to use the potty. I have to admit to getting slightly desperate, but the book is good and helps putting things into persepctive I think.
Good Luck!

bloss Thu 22-Jan-04 07:28:39

Message withdrawn

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