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Worried, my DD twists her hands from the wrist...ALOT!

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Rainbowbright1001 Tue 12-Mar-13 21:30:30


I'm worrying myself to bits about my 71/2 month old daughter. Since the age of 5 months she has done this odd twisting at of wrist with wiggly fingers when she is anxious, excited etc. Developmentally she is textbook, doing everything she should be with excellent muscle tone and babbling away. I have another daughter who is 4 now and never did this. When I spoke with the (extremely busy) health visiter she just dismissed my concerns before I even got a chance to discuss things she was on to the next Mummy. I feel really upset about things and paranoid as i had to take antibiotics whilst pregnant and I'm thinking that I may have caused damage to my precious lo somehow. We do go to a baby gym but I haven't noticed other babies doing this. Should I be concerned...? Thanks, any feedback would be appreciated.

darlingoz Thu 14-Mar-13 11:17:52

Hi my DD is 7.5 months and has been doing same for a few months now. Like she's riding a motorbike?! The health nurse said it was normal and one of those 'quirky baby things' they sometimes do. I also read a book called baby love by Robyn barker who backs this up. I'm not worried as like ur little one she seems just fine developmentally. Hope that helps .

Crocodilehunter Thu 28-Mar-13 23:45:27

Aww my nephew is doing that at the mo and my son has just started, I just always saw it as an experimenting thing, finding out how to work & move their body >.< cuteness

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