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Early teething

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melissa99 Thu 04-May-06 22:58:08

Hi, I am a new mum of 8 week old son and new to mumsnet. My d/s has become very irritable and has not slept properly for the last day or two. There are times when he just cries for hours and can not be settled! This is totally different to his normal behaviour. It has been suggested by friends that he is a little confused as this seems a lot earlier than I would expect.

1Baby1Bump Thu 04-May-06 22:59:48

my ds started teething at 3 months and only just cut his two bottom teeth about a month ago!

melissa99 Thu 04-May-06 23:03:36

(1baby1bump) How old is your d/s now?

1Baby1Bump Thu 04-May-06 23:39:00

oh yeah sorry! not everyone knows!! bless me! he will be 10 months on the 17th of this month.

just before the teeth appeared the tetchiness etc stepped up a gear. He is now cutting the top two to match and this time he is ten times worse than he was with the bottom ones!

kipper22 Fri 05-May-06 16:08:08

my ds was similar - could see top teeth and hear pain (!) from a couple of months butonly cut bottom 2 at 6 months, top 2 at 8 months. (no more yet a month later!)

kipper22 Fri 05-May-06 16:08:39

ps welcome to mumsnet!

fsmail Fri 05-May-06 18:33:04

Could he be going through a growth spurt and therefore wanting more milk to settle. It is normally around 6-8 weeks.

kelllie Fri 05-May-06 21:56:03

my son is also 8weeks an is really dribbling.
he's got runny poo's which is probably just breast milk poos, but latley they are quite explosive.
i also thought he could be starting teething but thought it was too early - maybe not then

Kizzy10 Tue 14-Oct-08 20:52:55

my son is 13 wks and is teething already, two top and two botton canine teeth are breaking through the front of his gums!! Dr and HV said i should take him to see a dentisthmmso have booked in. Anyone ever heard of or had any experience with this ???? anxious beyond belief !!


ChezzaB Sun 19-Oct-08 21:31:15

My ds started teething at about 9 weeks, well thats when the dribbling really started and he had his first tooth by the time he was 3.5months and second shortly after that!

ChezzaB Sun 19-Oct-08 21:35:28

Hi Kizzy10 we took our ds to dentist when his teeth came through and all they did was looked at them and advised us on brushing and which toothpaste to use! It just gets them prepared for the dentist later so they are not so afraid of them!It all went fine and we have booke dhim in for another appointment in 6 mo! Would say if it is possible hen book in as a family then he can see you on chair first and dentist checking your teeth so is't so weirded out by it all!

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