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Suspecting growth hormone deficiency

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AlCookie Fri 08-Mar-13 08:35:18

Hey guys.... My son is 11 and a half months old. He has practically not grown at all since the past 3 and a half months. He still weighs just 7.55 kgs and measures only 67.5 cms - this was pretty much what he weighed at 8 months old.

He has always been growing slow. Born at 25 centile and now he is 2nd centile for weight and off the charts for height. This may still have not concerned me as much if he was still growing- the NO GROWTH IN 3.5 months has my head spinning in all directions!!

Is there anyone who has had their child tested for growth hormone deficiency? What are the symptoms and what happens???

My doctor is still saying 'we will see for another 3 months' but my instinct tells me to change the doc. Me n my husband are both not tall but even if our child is destined to b a small being, he should still grow!!!! He kept falling centiles and doctor kept he is not growing at all n the doctor is still waiting! Waiting fir what!!?!?!?!?? I keep reading that a person grows the most in his first year...but it breaks my heart to see my son just lagging behind more n more each day!

Oh yes - he is a good eater n has always been so. Still breastfed - 3 nursings per day, sometimes 4. Is a very happy n content baby.

mummy2benji Fri 08-Mar-13 08:43:08

Hi, I'm a GP and from what you've said I would go back to your GP and ask for a paediatric referral. He may be absolutely fine - he started on the 25th centile and you say you and your partner aren't tall, and growth can come in fits and starts. My ds went through a period around a similar age where he didn't gain any weight for about 4 months or appear to grow. He wasn't referred specifically for this as he had feeding issues so there was a likely obvious cause. But I would get your ds checked over for peace of mind. I think it is reassuring that you said he is well and content and I presume you don't have other concerns about his development? But as a paediatric referral will take a little while to come through, I would ask for it now so you aren't kept waiting for ages and worrying about it.

Jamie1989 Sat 23-Mar-13 16:37:46

Oh this is so maddening! I went through this with my daughter and every single medical person had a wait and see attitude. I am glad I pushed because she did have a medical issue and because we caught it early-she never suffered for it. Check out and read where it says something about No Diagnosis yet? It is amazing info for parents.

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